Rory was a sweet and innocent girl.
Until you got on her bad side, that is.
One small mistake and you were asking for a life-time of torture.
So what did the dangerous Harry Styles do to deserve all this?
His loud and dominant voice stopped me in my tracks. I slowly turned on my heel, unable to hide the proud smirk on my lips. My gleaming eyes met his dark ones for a moment before glancing over his tensed body, his fists clenched and breathing quick. I had accomplished what I wanted.
“What the hell is your problem?” He seethed.
“What-ever do you mean, Harold?” I gasped. “I just wanted a drink of water.”
I raised the glass in my hand and wiggled it faintly, careful not to spill the liquid on the stairs. Not once did I let my eyes leave his angry stare. Before he spoke again, I chose to have the final word.
“I’m just getting started.”


1. Prologue

As soon as the door opened to reveal his tall and muscled frame, I despised him.

The way he smiled made me want to throw up and use his dimples as the bloody trash can. How he reached his long fingers out to shake my father’s hand, how he kissed my mother’s cheek made me hate him even more. The rest of my family welcomed him at the door with handshakes and pecks on his cheeks while I stood in the hallway with my arms crossed over my chest.

His name is Harry styles. The newest member in my family’s gang. Fresh from training. All my life I have wanted to be normal, to not be the most feared student in school and to have a cute boy over and not have my father threaten his life. It only made it worse since I was the leader’s daughter. And here he was, throwing a normal life away right in front of my eyes.


I could see it by the way my father stood, he was proud. He knew great things would become of this older boy. He saw it as a great investment to maintain our power over London.

I saw it as another life the gang will ruin.

“Harry, this is my daughter Rory.” My father turned his attention to me and so did Harry, who smiled kindly at me as he stepped forward.

I wanted to welcome the new member, but I have seen it all before. We will become friends, then a few months later, the gang will have a dangerous operation and the new member will die. He always does.

The tall male leaned in to kiss my cheek, but I pulled back before his lips could touch my skin.

I wasn’t going to be caught in a sobbing whirlwind this time.

 “Nice to finally…”I turned on my heel as he spoke and walked to my bedroom as the older boys cooed at the rejection.

Strike one.


And that is how it all started.

The hatred, the dominance, the possessiveness, the torture.

… The love.

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