Run (16+)

"Just go. You can't stay here" "Why not?" "It's too dangerous" "I like the danger. I don't wanna just run away" And with that, she had him. But maybe that was not the best choice. Maybe she should have run.


2. New Girl

                                 Lizzy pulled the car into the garage of our new house. We were 18 and wanted to live on our own now, no rules. It was a quiet place from what we heard and in my opinion the people here looked nice. Perfect. A great place to show our over protective parents that we're responsible.  We exited the car and walked around to the back. Lizzy popped open the trunk and I grabbed my first suitcase. "Here we are. Holmes Chapel. Oh my God I'm so excited!" She cheered. "Me too. Our parents will be wrong, we'll be right. Oh what glory!" I yelled. We laughed and placed our boxes in the living room. We had placed the furniture in the house earlier. Well, the guys we paid to do it. We walked back outside to get more boxes as I heard whistling behind us. I turned and saw a couple of guys walking past, staring at us. One started to walk to me. "I'm sorry about them. They see a cute girl and get kinda out of hand," the curly haired-green eyed boy rubbed the back of his neck. I smiled. He seemed nice. Harmless. The wind blew through my wavy, brunette hair. "Wow. You are beautiful," he smiled cheekily. I shivered and he looked at me worriedly. "Cold?" He asked. I nodded. He slid his jacket off and put it onto my shoulder. I still held the box labeled 'Backstreet Boys'. I skimmed his body, seeing tattoos line up his arms to the sleeves of his t shirt. "Harley! Come in the house! It's gonna rain!" Lizzy called. I looked up and saw the gray skies getting cloudier. "I guess I'll go. Bye Harley. Lovely name by the way," he kissed my cheek and walked behind the trees. I turned to Lizzy who gave me a look. "What?" I snapped. She pointed to the road where the boy sped off on a motorcycle. I realized his jacket was still laid upon my shoulders. It smelled of cologne and faint smoke. Maybe this Holmes Chapel Cutie is not the boy I think he is...

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