Run (16+)

"Just go. You can't stay here" "Why not?" "It's too dangerous" "I like the danger. I don't wanna just run away" And with that, she had him. But maybe that was not the best choice. Maybe she should have run.


1. Intro

"That was fun," he whispered, panting. "I got the money," I held the bag in my fist. "Good girl," he planted a kiss to my cheek as we hid in the dark alley. "I deserve a reward don't ya think,"I bit my lip and pressed him against the brick wall. "My girl has gotten bad hasn't she?" his hands slithered down my body, skimming over my bum. I grabbed him and we started to passionately kiss. I moaned as he slid my blue jean jacket off. "Where the fuck are they?!" we heard a voice coming closer. "Run!"
                    That day, I should've listened. Should've ran away. And never come back. But I guess I was too blinded by his smile and hoping I was the cause. Too blinded to see he was stealing the real me and tossing her in the trash. I guess that's my mistake. And, as much as I hate to, I'll tell how one love, can ruin you. Forever. Run.

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