Looking For Now[l.h]

in which a lost boy tries to fix a broken girl.


1. Prologue

~~Before everything was simple, everything fell into place; I was on top of the world. Before him I was happy. Let me rephrase that, I was happy with him too, until things... changed.

I planned my life out ever since I was little. It was going to be perfect, I would grow up stick to my studies, get a good job as a doctor or something that pays well, and once I was stable I could settle down for marriage. I would have a family that lived in a farmhouse with animals for the children and we would be happy and content.

Little did I know that was far from my future reality. My future reality is hell, I don't even get to go to a decent college, not that I wasn't accepted, but I was blinded. I don't get my dream job, I don't even have a job for a long time. My future is not what I hoped for or what I planned, it is quite the opposite, unfortunately for me.

"Cora," Bethany pokes me from behind so I turn around to see what she wants, "that boy over there has had his eyes on you all night," she points to a handsome dark haired boy standing in the corner whom I don't recognize. She's right though, his eyes are glued on me and I giggle at his attention.

"That's awkward, I've never seen him here before," I whisper to her before taking another sip of the alcohol in my hands. It's our first senior high school party and neither of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. Our friend from last year had invited us since it's at his house and we figured we'd go check it out. So far it's nothing huge, just a bunch of drunk seniors grinding all over each other while music blares from the speakers. I guess I've had my first taste of alcohol, so that's a plus. At first I nearly spit the awful tasting drink out, but I forced it down and enjoyed the burning sensation as it trickled down my throat. I'm only on my second glass so I'm definitely not drunk, but I can feel the bit of alcohol in my blood stream already.

"Well, are you gonna go talk to him," Bethany giggles and nudges me forward. She on the other hand has had a few more drinks and I have a feeling she won't be able to drive us home.

"No!" I squeak. I've never been good at talking to guys; I'm a senior and I haven't had a real boyfriend yet if that tells you anything.

"Come on, Cora, grow a pair and get out there," she laughs and this time pushes me forward with more force and I stumble out a few steps before I regain my balance. I quickly look up at the mysterious boy across the room and see him grinning at my clumsiness. I flash him a timid smile as I feel the heat rise to my cheeks. I do a double take as I see him walk towards me, is he really coming over here? I blink a few times and sure enough he is.

"Hello love," he speaks softly and I'm surprised I can hear him over the music. His voice is smooth like honey and it makes my heart beat faster. I never believed in love at first sight, but staring into the icy blue eyes piercing mine, I think this could be it. Shit, there must be something else in that drink I had, some kind of drug, that messes up my thoughts.

"Umm hey," I breath out and my voice shakes slightly, betraying me.

"You okay?" He smiles a wide, white smile and reveals two very prominent dimples.

"Yeah, yeah I'm good," I nod my head and swallow.

"You seem nervous," he chuckles lightly, "nothing to be nervous about here, love, I'm not a high school perv I swear."

"Thanks," I say awkwardly not sure how else to reply, "so, um, I haven't seen you around campus before, are you new to the city?"

"No, I'm not in high school anymore, I'm a sophomore I'm college. Derek is my brother, and he practically begged me to come so I wouldn't tell my parents while they were out of town. I wasn't going to anyways, but I thought I'd come so how he would go about throwing a party," he explains slowly drawing out each syllable, "at first I was regretting coming, but now I'm glad I did."

"Oh, why is that?" I ask curiously.

"Well, you see, if I didn't come, I wouldn't have met you," he grins again and my knees feel slightly weak, "would you care for a dance?" He holds out his hand to me as the song changes to a somewhat slow song.

I accept his hand and allow him to guide my hands to his shoulders as he puts his hands on either side of my waist. Everyone else is still grinding on each other and we look very odd dancing on the outside ballroom style, but I don't mind, in fact I kind of like it. He's very much a gentle man and I enjoy that.

"So, love, what's your name?" He says in my ear and I lean my head forward so he can hear me better over the music.

"Cora, and yours?"

"Elias. You have a beautiful name," he coos and I lean forward, daring to gently rest my head on his shoulder as we away back and forth.

"Thanks," I smile to myself despite the fact that he can't see me.

"Of course. So are you a senior?" He asks and I nod my head in answer, "do you know where you want to go to college?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure," I reply and begin to wonder where Bethany ran off to. Sometimes I worry about her, out of the two of us she's much more daring, I wouldn't want her to do anything stupid at the party. Her mom would kill me and I wouldn't be able to avoid seeing her tonight, since I'm supposed to be driving us both back to her house by midnight.

"That's not bad, you've got some time. Trust me, college is way better than high school no matter where you go," he laughs to himself.

"Yeah I'm ready to get out of here," I groan to myself then suddenly someone is grabbing my shoulder and pulling me away from Elias.

"Sorry to interrupt and all, but we have to go in like a minute, Cora, so get his digits and say good bye or my mom's going to murder us," Bethany speaks rapidly out of breath. I nod my head and open my mouth to speak, but Elias gently grabs my arms and turns me to face him. I stare into his pure blue eyes for a split second before he pulls me in and crashes his lips to mine.

I'm taken completely by surprise, but it doesn't last long. His tongue runs along my bottom lip asking for entrance and I responsively part my lips. His tongue moves along with mine skillfully as his arms wrap around me. Every where he touches sends a spark and soon it feels as though my whole body is on fire. Not a bad, burning, harsh fire, but a passionate, lustful, and soothing fire. He bites my lower lip causing a moan to escape my lips before he pulls away from me.

I stand in front of him at a loss for words as he pulls out his phone and hands it to me, with the add contact page open. I quickly type in my number and give the phone back to him, "I have a very good feeling we will be seeing more of each other. Until next time," he gives me a light peck on the lips that leaves me longing for the passion we had moments ago.

Bethany taps my shoulder and I whirl around to face her, "yeah, it's time to go," she states before grabbing my arm and dragging me behind her before I can say so much as good bye to Elias.

I still don't understand how exactly that whole night happened or what the hell I was thinking, but it changed my life forever and there's no going back for me, ever. I'm being drawn in, drowned in slumbering evil. That's when I've realized that there is no escape. I realize that the power I once had has vanished: no longer in my hands, and no longer in my heart.

A/N hey guys! Thank you so much for reading this honestly if you do I love you! I will still be writing Teenage Dirtbag, as well as cowriting Only Time Will Tell, I just wanted to write a 5SOS fanfic, there aren't nearly enough out there. So I know it may be confusing now, but I have plans and hopefully everything will make sense soon! So please leave feedback in the comments and vote to let me know how I'm doing(: Thanks!!

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