Something Easier


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


            Moving to the city has been our idea since I first met Harry. Ever since we met at twelve years old, we’ve been talking about how this is where life started. I remember when we both got our letters from Uni; we didn’t open them until we were together in the abandoned shack behind Harry’s house. We were both so certain about everything before the letters had arrived in the mail, but when we were just about to open them we both just started crying. I knew what Harry was thinking, and I’m certain he knew what was on my mind too.


What if we didn’t get in? What if we had all of this fantasy planned out only to have to have it be crushed?


            But we did. We both got in, and believe me when I say that we screamed so hard I bet all of Cheshire heard us.  The very next morning we both started planning everything, moving to the city together and finally living for our own selves.


However three weeks before the date we were supposed to leave for the city, the unspeakable happened.



“Please remember to have all your books and some sort of note-taking material by next class on Wednesday!” The professor, who is abnormally large in the belly area, yells to the class as everyone shuffles out of the auditorium.


Amazingly enough, Harry and I made it to class on time still sparing some seconds at the start of class to find seats. As we file out of the classroom I notice him stop a little way behind me staring down at his phone.


“Yeah?” I ask whilst trailing back towards him.


“Actually, no. Since I woke up so late this morning I totally spaced on trying to find a job. My mom just messaged me saying I have thirty pounds in my account.”


“Well Mr. wake up thirty minutes before class, maybe if you had woken up a little earlier you wouldn’t be worrying now.” I say lopping my arm through his as we walk about the Uni building and onto the street.


“Well I would’ve but I had this annoying pest in my house until two in the morning.” He grins down at me.


I playfully shove him a bit and we head down to walkway to wait for the bus to take us to his flat. We have just about two hours before our next classes; unfortunately Harry and I only have one class together. However fortunately enough, that class just happens to be Creative Writing.


We only wait a little while before the number seven bus arrives and we board it with a couple other people.


“Over here.” Harry says pulling arm down into a seat next to him. Inside of the bus, it is much for warm than it is outside so I shrug off my large black coat and bring it around onto my lap.


“Oh Mayce.” I hear Harry whisper and suddenly his hand is brushing an almost fading scar just above my elbow.


“Stop.” I say sternly and brush his hand away from the ugly reminder of tragedy. My action not in anyway meant to hurt Harry, makes him turn his head from me and to the bus window. I watch his face closely and see his jaw tighten rather harshly, even for Harry.


I know that he blames himself for what happened to me, but it’s really not his fault. It’s not anyone’s fault, but mine.




His jaw untightens at my voice and he turns his head to face mine. Even whilst sitting Harry’s height towers my five and a half feet.  He has to look down at me but even so he smiles. Harry and I, we can’t stay upset around each other for more than a couple minutes.


“Yeah?” He asks.


“Yeah.” I smile and snuggle my head under his arm, after which he wounds his free arm around me.



“Do you think your sister would hire me?” Harry chuckles as he opens the door to his flat. We both drop our stuff on the table beside the entrance and kick off our shoes.


“Depends, are you sure you want to work in an office for ten hours a day, doing paperwork until your fingers start to bleed?” I say walking over to the couch in front of the window; Harry following close behind.


“Oh yeah, I forgot about the struggles of being an assistant to a lawyer.” He says as we both take a seat crisscrossed on the couch. I giggle slightly before reaching over Harry’s lap and starting to dig in between the couch cushion.


Finally I find my sketchpad and pencil and go back to my side of the couch. Harry repeats my action, except he pulls out a small black journal and pen from my side.


“You know, when you told me about this couch in front of the window idea, I didn’t really know what you meant. But now I see it, it’s nice.” I say opening my pad to a clean page.


“Shh. Its inspiration time.” He grins starting to scribble some words in his journal. I smile and start drawing what I see outside of the clear barrier. 

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