Something Easier


3. Chapter Three

The ‘Yeahs’ between Maycie and I, started around three years ago.


            We were out on my back porch, doing our usual writing and sketching duo, it was around half six in the evening. We should’ve been at our own homes at that time, but for some reason we had stayed an hour later than usual.


            Suddenly out of nowhere, the sky went from a nice pale purple and orange blend of sundown, to a dark gray sky of sadness. Before we could even run inside my house, the storm had started and we were both getting absolutely soaked.


            I remember both Mayce and I looking at each other and smiling, we both knew what was on each other’s mind. In an instant both of our shoes were off and we were running down the steps of my porch. Once we were in the field behind my house, we just started dancing, jumping, and acting like complete idiots. We were acting as if we hadn’t seen rain ever in our lives.


            As I continued to prance around I hadn’t noticed Maycie bend down and scoop a giant blob of mud in her hand. In the split second I had turned around, the mud was splattered all over my face and down my shirt. I honestly don’t know what came over me, but I tackled her over and down onto the wet grass. I held her down with one arm as the other proceeded to tickle the life out of her.


            Immediately, Maycie was screaming and laughing at the same time and trying so hard to get out of my grip.


Then she finally got out a breathless, ‘Okay! Okay!’ I finally let her go and helped her off the ground. The rest of the conversation went something like this:


“You okay?”


“Yeah.” She had smiled up at me.


“Yeah?” I had questioned smiling down at her.


“Yeah” She had answered.


And from then on, ‘Yeah’ became our word.



“So I’ll call you to set up your schedule and all those boring things.”


Maycie and I had been searching for a job for the past thirty minutes, almost giving up hope after the second rejection. Then we had come across a small coffee shop, at the edge of the city. The place had been opened up by the small, petite women in front of me, and was looking for staff to work the night shift.


            Maycie and I had almost shouted ‘Yes’ when she asked us if we would work those hours. Since our classes end at around five in the evening and the shifts started at six, everything was perfect.


“Thank you so much, Ms. Nancy.” I said as I wrote down both Maycie’s and my mobile numbers.  She smiled in return and then faced her attention to a customer who had walked in. I walked away from the counter and made my way to Maycie who had excused her self to go to the loo.


“I can’t believe we just got jobs.” She says excitedly.


“Things are looking good Mayce.” I say as we walk out of the coffee shop and onto the street.


“Are you ready to go back to class?” 


“Yeah, I don’t think I have anything else to do.” I answer and we start to head for the bus and eventually board it.


“Are we taking the number seven bus to go to the cafe after class?”  She asks as the current bus makes a stop.


“Uh, no. We have to walk, but I can call for a car if you want?” I say quickly.


“No we can walk its fine.”


“Maycie I-“


“No! It’s fine. She says a little louder than her usual voice. I look down to my feet and we don’t talk for the rest of the way.



“Okay class, that’s it for today.” I stand as my professor starts to erase his board, and pack my things up into my bag. We all start to clear out of the philosophy hall and out into the hallway.


As soon as I’m outside of the building I look around to try to find Maycie. There are various groups of students waiting for their ride or just talking, making it extremely difficult to find my girl.


My heart starts to race as I begin to panic. I start walking faster whilst running my finger through the front of my hair. My body starts to get cold as more time passes by without me finding Maycie and I know that people have started to notice my angst ways.


“Harry?” I hear her voice and go straight to where I here it come from.


“God Maycielle where were you?” I shout out as I reach her at the front of the building earning some sideway glances from the surrounding people.


“First of all do not call me by full name Harold.” She grins trying to make a joke about it all.


“This isn’t funny.” I say my voice coming out raspier than usual.


“I’m sorry, I had to go to the bathroom.” She says quietly whilst taking my hands in her.


“Harry you need to calm down. You’re shaking.”


“Lets go to work.” I say as I turn and head down to walk down the concrete way.


“Okay.” I hear her say as she follows close behind me.



“Oh! Harry and Maycie is it?” Ms. Nancy says as we walk into the Coffee shop for the second time that day.


“Hi.” I say my voice recovering from my about –to-be panic attack.


“Hey.” Maycie says quietly.


“Well as you can see there isn’t anyone in here.” Ms. Nancy says whilst motioning to the only two people in the place sitting towards the back.


“You guys can go home if you want, let me just hand you your uniforms and such.” She says as she scurries to the office behind the register counter.


I’m now left alone with Maycie and you can cut the tension with a knife.


“Harry?” I hear her whisper behind me and I turn to face her.


“What?” I say sternly.


“I’m sorry. For scaring you.” I can see how upset she is and my false anger fades away instantly.


“Come here.” I say and she embraces me and I wrap my arms around her kissing the top of her brown colored hair.



“Okay- Oh sorry was I interrupting something?” Ms. Nancy has returned and both Maycie and I smile.



“Hey Lauren!” I yell as we enter Maycie’s flat. We left the coffee shop with are informs.


“Harry! Oh my god I’ve missed you so much!” She shouts out as she gives me a hug.


“Okay. Okay. Hands off!” Maycie giggles behind Lauren.


We end the embrace and walk over to the breakfast bar in the kitchen, and I hop up on one of the bar stools.


“How have you been?” Lauren asks.


“I’ve been good, school’s started and all.” I answer.


“That’s great!” She smiles.


“How’s Ben?” I ask as she walks over to fridge and brings out three waters.


“He’s good, he lives a little whiles over.”


“Well whilst you two catch up, I’m going to shower. Oh and Lauren I got a job.” Maycie says over her shoulder, as she walks over to what I’m guessing Is her bedroom.


I chuckle, as Lauren looks at me her face with confusion.


“Ill explain.”



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