Something Easier


1. Chapter One

  The couch in front of the window idea came from my mum. As a child, her grandparents had this amazing flat in the city, which had an amazing view. Whenever my mum's life would get too overwhelming she would go to their house, and take a break from life. On the night that she found out she was pregnant with my sister my mum was very apprehensive. The financial situation wasn't the best for her and she was so stressed about it all that she didn't even enjoy being pregnant at all at first.

   As her pregnancy progressed, my mum went up to see my grandparents more and more. She would take small journals and jot down whatever came to her mind. One day when my grandmother and grandfather had gone into town, my mum had stayed there alone. She wandered around the large place, big belly and all. That's the day she came upon the room. She'd known that it was there; she just had never thought much of it more than a sunroom. However that particular day, my mom had an idea about that room.

  With all of the strength that pregnant women could conjure up, she took out every single piece of furniture in the room. All except one. She left a small, white couch right flat in the middle of the room facing the wall made of glass. After scattering the overflow of furniture in various rooms of the house, she spent that entire day in the room. Just sitting on the couch facing the world that was outside the glass.

   The rest of my mum's pregnancy was spent in happiness, and in peace. My mum always says that the room was the place where she felt most like herself. Where she could watch the world in the comfort of her own area, doing what she pleased but still watching what went on in people's lives.  It was her place to think about what step she was going to take next, without anyone interrupting her. 

   Unfortunately, that was the only pregnancy my mother was able to enjoy in that flat. My grandfather and grandmother both passed shortly after my sister was born, and the entire complex was torn down to put in place some sort of hotel. Every time my mum would tell me about it being torn down, I would get upset.

  My mother described the place in such loving detail, that I was enraged at the fact that I wouldn't be able to ever go there myself. So since the young age of twelve I had decided that when I was fully grown I would buy my own flat, with that exact layout, a wall made of glass surly to be included. So I could be in my own comfort but still witness what was happening the world.



  I lay down all of what's left to unpack, in the corner of my new kitchen in my new flat. So far I have all I need for tonight and tomorrow morning unpacked and put in the correct place. I walk over to my makeshift bed in the lounge area, and drop myself down atop it. The first thing I had done when I arrived this morning was, throw some comforters and pillows down on the floor. I knew that I needed to focus on the priorities like, making sure the water and electricity were working before worrying about my bed arrangements.

    I know I have to call my mum, tell her I'm all settled in and all. However I don't really want to go through the 'should've stayed home' talk with her again. So instead I pick up the phone and dial a different number. The line only rings twice and her voice sounds through my phone.


"Hey." She says quietly.


"Hey." I whisper back.


"Hold on, I'm getting out of the house right now." She continues to whisper.


"Are you sure you don't want me to go up there and get you?" I say leaning back against my wall.


"No. The whole purpose of us moving up here was that I lived two blocks away from you."


"Oh yeah." I say grinning into the phone.


"Did you unpack everything yet?" She says a little louder, probably in the complex corridor now.


"No. Just the essentials." I can here the car horns and other noises of the busy streets of the city. I know she's outside now.


"Same. Lauren got everything unpacked though. She crashed pretty hard about an hour ago." She giggles.


"Hmm. Maybe we should take up Lauren's technique." I smile into the phone.




"Are you here yet?"


"Almost. I stopped for a midnight treat."


"Lord. No drugs Mayce."


"Very funny." Her sarcastic tone makes me chuckle slightly which in return makes her giggle into the phone.


"You almost here yet? I can't wait to see you." I ask one more time.


Instead of a response, the line is cut and almost immediately I can hear the front door unlocking and someone stepping in. I don't bother getting up off the floor, knowing exactly who is it is.


"You know, you should really stop leaving your key under your mat. Very predictable."


I don't say anything and just stare up at her. She's changed so much since I met her, a good change though. She smiles down at me holding her hands behind her back.


"I brought you something." She says the smile on her face not fading a bit. She pulls her hands from behind her back to the front, holding two tall cups. I don't even need her to tell me what the contents of the cups are, I already know.


"I love you." I say reaching up for one of the cups.


"I know." She says plopping down beside me, holding her cup of steaming hot chocolate with both hands.


"Is it cold outside?" I ask taking a sip from my cup very cautiously.


"You have no clue."


For a couple of moments we remain silent just staring ahead of us. I sip my chocolate, as she eyes my flat.


"It turned our pretty good, for you. I'm actually pretty jealous of the window wall. " She smirks after leaning up against the wall next to me, her head on my shoulder.


"You know you could've moved in with me." My statement receives a snort from her end and I look over to her.


"You actually think my sister would've let me stay with a boy after what happened to me."


I know that she hadn't meant it to be rude but that's how it had come out. I look away and stay silent again.


"Sorry." She says almost inaudibly.


"It's fine." I say.


"How's your sister doing?" She asks changing the subject purposely.


"I wouldn't know. She hasn't called my mum nor has she phoned me."


"Where is she?"


"I think she's in Cheshire still, but with Mike."






"Yeah?" She asks.




"Yeah as in, 'I'm okay' or yeah as in, 'I'm falling apart."


"Both. Oh and before I forget, my mum said to apologize for her missing your going away party. She was with my sister, at the hospital."


She looks over and smiles at me. "Tell her it's okay, the only person I could give a damn about showed up."



We finished our hot chocolate fairly quickly, fitting in some conversation in between. Now we're just standing awkwardly in the kitchen, it's almost half one, in the morning.


"We have our first day of Uni tomorrow." I say watching her walk slowly towards the door.


"Are you sure we're ready for this?" She asks.


"I know for a fact that we are not ready for this at all." I grin.


She opens the door and hovers in the corridor, and I lean against my doorframe. I take my hand and carefully tuck a stray piece of hair behind her ear. 


"This is going to be good for us Harry."


"I know." I say looking to the floor.


"Yeah?" She asks.


"Yeah Maycie."


We both lean in at the same time, and embrace in a tight and long hug. After which she turns and walks down the hall, as always I make sure that she's completely gone before closing the door.


"Yeah." I whisper to myself. All of this has to be good for us.



"Harry! Harry! Harry!" The sound of Maycie's voice jolts me awake. I can feel her persistent shoving of my feet, and I open eyes.




"Harry! It's half eight! We have to be at the school in half an hour!" She says, panic lacing her voice.


"I'm up! Let me get ready!" I say getting up from the floor and stretching out.


"Do you even have your books ready?"


"No. Shit. Can you find those whilst I get ready?" I say jogging over to my various pieces of luggage, littering my kitchen.


"Yes! But please hurry, we still have to catch a car to get there." She says bending over a box labeled 'books'.


I reach down also, and pull out a pair of black jeans and a plain white t-shirt from my leather bag. I know I have no time to eat breakfast so; I go ahead and pull out a banana out of my fridge.


As I walk into my bathroom, I hear Maycie's voice travel from the kitchen.


"What?" I say, pulling on my jeans and dropping my t-shirt over my shoulder.


"Do you need your laptop?" I hear her say louder.


"Yes please!" I shout back. I take the t-shirt I picked out and put it on, smoothing it out as I walk out of the bathroom.


I start peeling my banana whilst Maycie hands me my worn out leather boots and a coat from the closet by the door.


"Thanks." I say slipping on my boots and taking a bite out of my banana at the same time.


"God Harry." Maycie says.


"What?" I ask confused but don't get a response as she leaves the lounging room and walks into the kitchen. I hear her move some boxes around and soon she is back with a grey beanie in her hand.


"Mayce. I love you." I chuckle as we race out my flat and later my complex both our hands full with books and laptops.


As we finally catch a car to the school, we both take a deep breath.

Maycie gives the man the directions, and then looks at me angrily.


"You can't do that Harry! You have to set an alarm."


"I will! I just forgot last night." I defend myself.


"Yeah?" I ask.


"Yeah." She says smiling. Which makes me smile.







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