Something Easier


4. Chapter Four

I have honestly never seen a more heartbreaking scene, than when Harry found out about his sister.


I remember that day clearer than I should be able to.  It was such a normal day; the only thing off was the extra sunshine coming from the sky.  It had been only a week before my ‘accident.’


Harry had been at my house for most of the day, we were watching movies and goofing around, and the suddenly his phone had rung. I remember watching as his smile disappeared from his face and he dropped his phone and darted out the door.


Not even thinking about what I was doing, I ran after him and next door. Inside of his home were about six people. Harry, his mum, his grandpa, grandma, Gemma Harry’s sister, and her fiancé, all just standing there. I could tell by the way that Gemma’s eyes were puffy and red that she had been crying. My heart broke in two as I watched Harry fall to his knees in front of her and as he began to cry Gemma reached down and held him.


I could tell what had happened by the way that Harry kept saying ‘I’m sorry.’ and as he ran his hands over Gemma’s belly.


Gemma had had a miscarriage.


“Why do you insist on keeping your bananas in the fridge?” I ask as I rip one off of the bundle and close the fridge.


“Don’t mock, my mom always did that.” He says somewhat distracted with the papers in front of him.


“Teasing.” I say and he smiles still looking down at the things now in his hands.


“If I would’ve known how many things I have to do each month, I would’ve never moved out.” He says whilst pulling out a checkbook from the drawer on the side table.


“Good thing we have jobs.” I say.


            Harry and I have been living in London for one month now, and each day everything that had happened to us before seem to lose importance. We have been able to maintain both our grades up and still work at the Café.


“Did you start on the paper for Creative Writing?” I ask taking a seat on the floor adjacent from Harry.


“Yeah I finished that.” He says in a nonchalant way.

“Of course you did.” I remark.

            Harry’s skills for writing astonishes me, he has always had this love for jotting down what’s on his mind and turning it into something beautiful.


“I can’t think about anything to write about. What did you write about?”


“Uhm, you’ll see when it’s due.”


“C’mon, what’s it about?” I smile at him but he just shakes his head and continues to fill out the check in his hands.


“Okay.” I say slowly, my irritation, as to why he won’t tell me what his story is about, is growing rapidly.


            I get up and walk back to the kitchen to throw away my banana peel. Behind me I hear Harry groan and close his checkbook loudly.


“Don’t be upset. I just don’t want you to hear it until the day I read it in class.” He says whilst putting away his paper work in the first drawer of his new desk.


“It’s fine.” I say, my irritation jumping up another level.


“Okay?” He asks walking up closer to me as I close the trash bin.


            His soft words make my anger diminish rapidly, but to annoy him further I don’t answer him for a few minutes. I smirk and brush past him slightly taking my seat in front of the couch once more.  I can hear him breathe in and out angrily at my lack of response, and I finally look over at him and answer.


“Okay.” I smile and he groans again, only this time with a smirk on his face.


“Okay now that I have all our school needs, bills paid, and food in the fridge, I think its time for me to get some furniture.”


            Harry takes a seat next to me and grabs the remote out of my hand, and starts to flick through the channels.


“You just got a T.V and a new desk Styles, what else do you need?”  I ask him whilst taking the remote back from his much larger hands, and begin to change it back to the cartoons I was watching.


Harry chuckles when I find the mindless show again, but doesn’t take the remote back. “ Well I’m not trying to sound like a spoiled brat, but I don’t think I can continue to sleep on the floor whilst my annoying best friend takes the couch. I think I need a bed.”


“Hey you’ve never complained about me staying here before.” I giggle and get up from the floor.


“Yeah, but if my back could talk it would say some very mean things to you.” He chuckles following me to the coat rack in front of my door.


“Okay, so where are we headed?” I ask him as I slip on my boots and wrap my scarf around my neck.


“Well, Ms. Nancy told me about this place a couple miles outside of town, we could check that out.”


“Okay, but when we get back I want to go out, I don’t want to spend my Saturday night unpacking furniture.


“You’ve never complained before.” He retorts, mimicking my previous statement.



“Well its no Ikea but it’ll do.” Harry says.


            We had to catch four buses to get this far out of town, and now we’re facing a somewhat small store with furniture in the window display. We walk into the store and immediately a short man with a rotund belly greets us.


“Welcome to Teddy’s Furniture store!” His accent his thick and I can’t seem to place where I’ve heard it before.


“Hi, I’m looking for a mattress.” Harry says.


“Okay, we have a large selection in the back warehouse, you’re welcome to look around.” The man says and walks away leaving Harry and I, are left to find the back by ourselves.


Something about this place makes my skin crawl, the smell is oddly familiar and my head is beginning to hurt. I push my thoughts to the side and walk closer to Harry’s side.


“Are you okay?” He asks looking down at me.




“Okay, well I think this is the warehouse, now I just have to find something I like.” He says as we both look at the broad selection of beds.


“Harry don’t you need something to put the bed on, and maybe a headboard and bedspring?”

“Nah, I’ll just lay it on the floor and put some covers on it.” 


“Okay, well what size do you want?” I ask.


“King, maybe.”


I roam around the warehouse and Harry follows behind as we search around for a king size mattress. Finally we come across the section where they’re piled up.


“Do you need help with that?” I hear a voice behind me say, a voice too familiar and my heart starts to fail

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