Tales of the Celestial Book 1: Awakening

The year is 2089 technology has taken over the world, above on the main land and artificial intelligence have pushed human life
to the brink of distinction. Very little survived the cataclysm named "cyber wave" but those that did were
pushed underground. Nineteen year old Flint Rufus joins steam an rebel group formed for the retake of earth, but joining steam is just
the beginning for Flint as he finds out there is more than meets the eye than just a war.


2. Welcome to STEAM

Year 2089

"So after three years of training you think you finally made it into steam eh kids?" a very tall and stern man bellowed. Before the man Was three young adults, all looking smart one boy was short had black hair and a very serious look to him, the other was a short girl, blonde short hair, the other boy didn't look as serious as the other two, he was tall, big built he also had very messy brown hair and was very lazy with his posture.

The girl piped up "commander Faux you know were ready how many more tests do we have to go through to prove it" she asked, the commander turned to face away from the kids "I ask if you think you are ready because I... no not just I, humanity needs to be able to put there faith in you" he explained with a deep sigh.

The scruffy boy spoke up now "If we have to swear an oath in front of all of humanity we shall" he said confidently. The commander looked from the scruffy boy to the girl and then turned towards the last boy, "what about you Flint you prepared to run into the wildest of danger knowing you may not survive" he threatened.

Flint just stared at Faux not uttering a single word the intense seriousness in his brown eyes pierced the commander, "quiet as always, your look says it all anyway" the commander paused, "well if your all willing to put forward your life's to protect and create a new world i greatly welcome you to steam" Faux gladly said. The girl and the scruffy boy smiled and gave a high five, Flint simply smiled.

"Flint, Jenifer and Devereux you will be briefed on an upcoming operation tomorrow and you'll meet your team commander until then you are dismissed" he ordered. All three of the kids gave a salute and left the room.

As Flint was about to leave a tall man with a shaven head burst through the room "how did they do commander have you accepted them!" the bald man shouted his voice echoing in the dull lit room. Flint scowled at the man "your on my foot you stupid ape" Flint grumbled. The man quickly jumped back away from Flint allowing him to leave the room.

The commander had a half smile "Yuri always so full of energy even in these hard days, yes they all passed you will be taking command of there team as of tomorrow please take good care of them" Faux ordered.

Yuri changed his jokey manor into a serious one quickly "you ask me to look after them but you mainly mean Flint don't you" he asked. The commander sat down at his desk and opened a file up, inside of it was a picture of a younger Flint along with a description "Flint is an interesting person he somehow found his way to these tunnels five years ago, exhausted and bloody, yet this boy has no memory of anything before he turned sixteen" the commander paused, he  put away the files "what intrigues me more so as well though is the fact he has a medallion that he has no idea who gave it to him yet he refuses to hand it over" he said in deep thought.

The commander looked worryingly at Yuri, "he has been like a son to me i want you to protect all three of them at the cost of your life if that is the necessity"  he commanded, Yuri simply saluted and went to leave the room. Before Yuri had the chance to leave Faux took out another file inside of if was a picture of old man in a hospital bed.

"Who is that commander" Yuri asked, Faux passed the file over to Yuri "this man i want you to go see him at the hospital, Flint seems to go see him a lot I want to know if there is a connection to him and Flint" he explained. Yuri once again saluted and left the room.

Chapter 2 End

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