Tales of the Celestial Book 1: Awakening

The year is 2089 technology has taken over the world, above on the main land and artificial intelligence have pushed human life
to the brink of distinction. Very little survived the cataclysm named "cyber wave" but those that did were
pushed underground. Nineteen year old Flint Rufus joins steam an rebel group formed for the retake of earth, but joining steam is just
the beginning for Flint as he finds out there is more than meets the eye than just a war.


1. Prologue

April 2069

Lucy didn't understand why but she knew she had to continue running with this man in front of her if she didn't the monster that just destroyed her hometown would kill her next. A colossal steel giant continued to give chase it's only goal being destruction.

The man pointed towards an hidden cave surrounded by trees and plants"we should be safe in there for awhile" he explained running towards the cave with Lucy in hand.

The steel giant surveyed the area losing sight of it's target, Lucy tried to regain her breathe back "What on earth have you brought upon us" she whispered. A sudden crash stopped the man from speaking, the steel giant was smashing everything in sight to find it's target. The man stared off to the outside of the cave "I have no time for explanations" the man grumbled taking a medallion off putting it around Lucy, the man slowly started to walk away "when you hear nothing i want you to run to the ports you'll meet a man called Yuri you and your unborn child will be safe" the man half smiled as an flash of light engulfed the cave the man was gone, moments later a silence filled the air.

Slowly Lucy went outside and nothing but destruction surrounded her, the man was gone, the steel giant vanished but some how she knew the world had begun to end Lucy looked at the medallion and ran off to the ports.


Prologue end 

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