New Girl

Liam Payne fanfic
(Not famous)
Ariah just moved to a small town in Illinois because her mom got a job promotion. She didn't know anybody and already shut the rest of the world out. Until a Charming Brit they call Liam, comes into the picture.


4. Kiss and Tell

"Did I come on too strong? If so, I'm sorry and I didn't mean to offend you or whatever. It's just-"  I cut him off with a kiss. Clare was ranting on me for not doing it earlier and what are the chances of another hot British guy liking me in my lifetime? Slim. Slim chances. So might as well. He seemed surprised at first then I felt him smile against my lips and he pulled me closer to him. His hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and I took his shirt in my hands. Not gonna lie, I could feel his toned muscles through his short sleeved Ramones shirt. It was beautiful. 


"Well that escalated quickly." I laughed at Liam's remark and bit my bottom lip.


"I'm going to get in so much trouble for skipping today... Is it too late to go back?" I asked.


"Nah. I bet I could get Michael to forget you didn't make it to Pre-Calculus," he said, pulling on a strand of my hair lightly. 


"How do you know what I have first hour?" He started scratching the back of his head awkwardly, only showing a better view of his biceps.


"Since the kids at school reject me, the teachers took me in and I have a pretty good relationship with most of them. I eat lunch in the teachers lounge although I don't understand why they call it a lounge... But to each country their own. I kind of looked up your schedule after the first day."


"Cool. I love when guys stalk me, huge turn on." Liam smiled.


"Do you want to head back?" He asked, jabbing his thumb towards my parked car in the driveway. I nodded then grabbed my bag from the side of the couch and keys from the side table. 

* * *

Once we got back, Liam wrote me a pass to Spanish. Once Ms. Johnson read who signed off, she smiled and sent me to my seat. I laid my head down and began doodling on my notebook. Thinking of Liam, I drew hearts all over it. A knock sounded on the door and Ms. Johnson opened the door then the class erupted in chatter. I heard Ms. Johnson's footsteps followed by another pair.


"Class, Cassidy will now be joining us in this class. Cassidy, you can have a seat behind... Areeah?"


"It's Ariah-" The name Ms. Johnson said began to slowly process in my head. 


"Oh! My bestie!" Cassidy exclaimed as she moved behind me. Ms. Johnson smiled and continued writing on the board. Cassidy grabbed a chunk of my hair and yanked it down quickly. I winced loudly and clutched the back of my head.


"Excuse me, is there going to be a problem in the back, ladies?" Ms. Johnson asked. 




"No, Ms. Johnson," Cassidy interrupted me. I spun in my seat and glared at Cassidy, who just smiled innocently at me. "Say anything about our new seating arrangement Areeah, and I will make your life a living hell," Cassidy whispered in my ear. I put my head back down and covered my notebook. She pulled my hair back, causing my head to lift. I clenched my teeth to keep from wincing. "Does he do that to you? Pull lightly on a lock of your hair as you kiss... You like it don't you, Areeah?" She let my hair go and I laid my head on the desk again, a tear escaping my eye.

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