New Girl

Liam Payne fanfic
(Not famous)
Ariah just moved to a small town in Illinois because her mom got a job promotion. She didn't know anybody and already shut the rest of the world out. Until a Charming Brit they call Liam, comes into the picture.


2. It's A New Day

"Ariah, if you stay in your room with your books all day, you will let your fear win. You need to go into school today and pretend as though nothing happened and other people will believe nothing happened. Ariah?" I heard my mom open my doors but I was hiding under the covers. I felt her try to pull them back only making me pull them tighter over my head. "Ariah... Stop acting like a child and get out of bed. If you don't get up now, I will ground you from all of your books." I sat up quickly and shoved the blankets off of me. I walked like a zombie to the bathroom and turned the shower on. I just found my books last night and was not looking forward to losing them again. I took a quick shower and dressed in a nice, sleeveless, black blouse and shorts. I went into the bathroom and assessed my hair situation. I decided I would curl it and pull back my bangs by braiding them.

* * *

"Off to school, have a good day and whatnot!" I shouted as I left the house. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, nervousness and anxiousness set in. Oh God... I have to face everyone today and judging by the size of the school, everyone who has ears and eyes knows about it. Yesterday after I woke up in the nurse's office I told the school not to alert my mom about the incident because she wanted this school to work so well for me. Plus I didn't want some bat- crazy lady bursting through the front doors and screaming down the halls. I finished the day at school but hid in my car during lunch so I wouldn't have to face Liam.




His arms around me when I had fallen flashed into my mind. His brown eyes and perfectly styled brown hair hovering over me in worry... I shook the thoughts from my head and picked my bag up then got out of the car. I knew something was up as soon as I saw everyone outside staring at me and whispering. I kept my head down and stared at me feet as I walked through the crowd. I was so focused on my own feet, I hadn't noticed somebody else's foot stuck out on the pavement. I tripped and skidded on my hands and knees. The crowd began to laugh and I heard a few people call out, "Clutz!" I closed my eyes and stood slowly, a pair of hands went to my waist as I straightened up. I turned and saw Liam glaring at the now silent crowd.


"Really original guys, that was good one. Now get to class and get a life," Liam said, walking me to the doors into the building. He didn't say anything to me he just had an arm on my waist and took me through a few hallways until we reached a teacher's restroom. He knocked twice then opened the door.


"Liam, I don't think we should-" I said, stopping in from of the door way. He gave me a look that made my legs involuntarily move into the bathroom. It was pretty nice and a fair size. As I took it in, Liam lifted me and had me on the counter in a couple of seconds. I never get lifted by anyone because I'm usually the tallest (5'8"). His quick movements that seemed like nothing to him caused me to yelp.


"I'm sorry, did I hurt you." He asked, resting a hand on my knee. I shook my head and stared at his hand. He noticed and swiftly removed it, he reached under me and felt around the cabinet under the sink for something. He pulled back with a bottle of peroxide and band-aids. "Sorry about the way you have been treated.  Everyone listens to this group of girls who rule this school and they are just picking on you because you are prettier than them." I gulped, taking note that he thinks I'm prettier than the popular girls of the school. He grabbed a paper towel from my right and poured peroxide on it then gently pressed the wet cloth to my knees.


"Do you listen to them?" I asked. He paused from his work and looked up at me. 


"They used to listen to me..." He said.

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