New Girl

Liam Payne fanfic
(Not famous)
Ariah just moved to a small town in Illinois because her mom got a job promotion. She didn't know anybody and already shut the rest of the world out. Until a Charming Brit they call Liam, comes into the picture.


1. Boxes

"Mom! Where is my freakin' book box?!" I shouted from the basement of our new house. Funny how I use the word 'New', when this house will creak when I breathe. My most prized possessions are my books and my mother found it to be a good idea to stack all the boxes in a tiny corner of the basement. I was rummaging through one of my boxes labeled 'Desk Schtuff' and couldn't find my babies anywhere. "MOM!"


"Ariah Desiree if you do not get your ass up here and start getting ready for school, I will stick you in that private school down the road!" She shouted from up the stairs. I blew the hair out of my face and stood with a huff. 


"Maybe you should just pull me out of school altogether, that would make the both of us happy..." I was fluent in mumble. I walked up to my room and threw on my fave Bruno Mars tshirt and jean shorts. I took off my glasses, stuck my contacts in and put on light makeup. My hair is naturally wavy and I didn't want to disappoint my new classmates so I straightened my hair quickly. "Uuugh. I look like a hot mess..." I felt my hair didn't matter anyways so I just pulled it up into a messy pony. I grabbed my bag off of the bed and slipped the right strap over my shoulder, trudged down the stairs to the kitchen, took a protein bar to go and left the house with a slam of the front door. I unlocked my car and threw my bag in the passenger seat.


"Don't slam doors in my house Ariah! When you I get home this evening, we are going to have a talk!" My mom shouted out her bedroom window. I rolled my eyes and pulled out of the driveway. It took all of three minutes to get to my tiny high school and parked in the lot with another hundred cars. I got inside with two minutes until class so I just went to Pre-Calc.


The first two periods flew by without anyone going out of their way to talk to me. Thank God. All of these kids have known each other since birth and in walks... This. I will probably be observed by them for a couple of weeks before someone decides to say something. I walked into my AP Chem class as soon as the bell rang and all voices ceased as soon as my foot crossed the threshold of the doorway. 


"Ah, you must be Ariah Martin. Please take a seat next to Mr. Payne. He will show you the ropes of the school during lunch, correct Payne?" Mr. Schmidt, my new Chem teacher, said, eyeing a boy in the back of the class with his head on the desk. As soon as Liam looked up, I was sure my heart skipped a beat. His dark brown eyes trailed slowly up my body until they settled on mine. I adjusted the books in my arms uncomfortably and felt my face warm as I looked away. 


"Anything to help, Schmidty." His British accent took me aback but it only made him more attractive. 


"Good, it's settled then. Ariah, please have a seat so I can get class started." I nodded and went to push up my glasses like I usually do when I'm nervous but forgot I was wearing my contacts. I started scratching my nose to try and cover it up but as soon as I sat down, my stool fell out from under me and the next thing I knew, my bum hit the floor... Hard. So hard, it knocked the wind out of me and I immediately started gasping for air. I heard whispers and snickers erupt through the classroom and felt someone picking me up but as soon as I was up, I passed out.

* * *

I threw my keys on the side table by the front door and flung my bag onto the couch. I collapsed in front of the closed door and sighed heavily as I laid out so I was planking in the entry way. My iPhone started buzzing excitedly in my pocket. I pulled it out lifelessly and slid it over to answer without checking who it was. 

"How was your first day?" My mom asked cheerfully.


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