Bad Meets Good

Audrey was the good girl. She was 16. She made good grades, played sports, and was popular. Her dad died when she was 3, so she lived with her mom. All in all, she was happy with her life. Harry, on the other hand, was the bad boy. He was 18. He could care less about his grades, you didn't see him much, and he had his own small group of friends that stayed in trouble. They wouldn't get along, right?


9. Last half of chapter 8

          "Audrey, Jeff's brother is moving into our house with his wife and son," my mom said.

          "When?" I asked.

           "They'll be here tomorrow," she said. 

           "Oh okay," I said. "I'm tired, so I'm going to bed." I gave my mom a hug, and told Jeff goodnight. 


        I woke up the next morning, and I heard talking. I walked upstairs, and Jeff's brother, wife, and son were there. 

       "This is Mark; that's Sandra, his wife,; and that's Liam, their son," Jeff said. 

    We talked for a little while then Jeff and my mom had some news to tell me. We were all sitting in the living room when they told me. 

       "We're sending you back to England in two weeks, and you're going to stay with your Aunt Gail for a few months," Jeff said.

         "Oh my God. Really?!" I said freaking out. 

     I decided not to tell Harry or Sam. I was going to surprise them.


   This was a really short last half haha sorry. I'll update in a few minutes. (:

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