Bad Meets Good

Audrey was the good girl. She was 16. She made good grades, played sports, and was popular. Her dad died when she was 3, so she lived with her mom. All in all, she was happy with her life. Harry, on the other hand, was the bad boy. He was 18. He could care less about his grades, you didn't see him much, and he had his own small group of friends that stayed in trouble. They wouldn't get along, right?


10. Chapter 9

                                                    -Two weeks later-

       Liam and I had gotten closer over the two weeks. I told him pretty much everything, but now I get to go see Harry. Liam took me to the airport because he knew I didn't really like Jeff. I wasn't even close to my mom anymore. Everything was about Jeff now. We pulled up at the airport.

       Before I got on the plane Liam gave me a hug. "I'll miss you," he said picking my bags up. "I'll miss you too," I answered.


   I pulled up at Sam's house to surprise Harry and her. I went the whole two weeks without telling them. I walked in, and I walked in the living room. They were both sitting on the couch. Kissing each other. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you guys," I broke in. They both looked at me. "Audrey, we can-" they both said in sync.  

    "No you can't. I hope you guys are happy together. Bye," I responded.

    "Please," Sam chimed in.

    "No!" I exclaimed walking out the door.

      I couldn't believe it. I was so close to both of them. Sam was always supposed to be there for me, but apparently she wasn't. I started sobbing. I tried to stop crying, and I wiped the tears off my face. I pulled into my aunt's driveway and went inside.  "Hey Auddie. Are you tired?" She asked.  "Yeah," I answered.  "I have your bed ready for you," she pointed me to my room.  "Okay, I'm going to bed. Goodnight," I said hugging her.

       When I got to bed, my phone beeped. It was a text from Harry.

     'Audrey, please just let me explain.'

    'No. Go away. Why aren't you making out with Sam? You seemed to be having fun.'

      He called me. I hit ignore. 

   'Please. I'll never talk to you again. Please.'

   'Harry, you told me that you were trying to change for me. You lied.'

  'Look, I missed you, and she was the closest thing I had to you.'

  'Whatever. I'm going to bed. Goodnight.'

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