Bad Meets Good

Audrey was the good girl. She was 16. She made good grades, played sports, and was popular. Her dad died when she was 3, so she lived with her mom. All in all, she was happy with her life. Harry, on the other hand, was the bad boy. He was 18. He could care less about his grades, you didn't see him much, and he had his own small group of friends that stayed in trouble. They wouldn't get along, right?


8. Chapter 8

    I didn't even know what state I was going to. I wasn't even going to ask. I would figure out eventually. We got in the car, and we started driving. I was looking at the signs and found out we were in Florida. 

     "Look we need to start over," Jeff said from the driver's seat. "I know I done some bad stuff to your mom, but I love her. It hurt because it felt like you hated me, and that was the only thing I knew to do. I'm sorry."

     "Uh, it's fine," I said lying.   "Do you want to go get frozen yogurt or something?" he asked.  "Sure," I said.  "I still feel like you hate me," he said. "Just tell me everything you want to tell me. I won't say anything."

     "Okay, why did you take me away from my friends? Why did you hurt my mom? Why are you doing this? Why can't we stay in England?" I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

     "Because we needed to start over, and that Harry kid was a bad influence to you." Jeff said. 

      "First of all, once you do something like you done you can't just forget. It stays with you forever. You hurt my mom and me. Second of all, you didn't even know Harry. How can you say he was a bad influence?" I argued. 

       "I had a weird feeling about the kid, okay? Now let's just drop it. We'll be at our new house in about 5 minutes," he said. 

    We pulled up at the house, and I went inside. It was a really nice house, but it couldn't replace my old house.   

      "You can pick any room upstairs, or you can have the basement," Jeff said. 

    "Okay," I said back. I automatically walked to the basement. It was huge, and I had a bathroom. 

  I carried all of my boxes to my room and unpacked. I decided to give Jeff another chance.  "When am I going to start school?" I asked walking into the living room.  "We're going to home school you," my mom said.  I wanted to argue but I just said okay. I sat down on the couch next to Jeff and took out my phone because he seemed to be in a good mood.  "I'm actually going to go down to my room," I said.   "Okay," he said.

     I had four texts from Harry, one from Sam, and six from some of my other friends. I opened Sam's first. 

         'Audrey, I'm sorry I left I should've stayed with you.'

         'No, it's fine you have a life too. Love and miss you!(: '

         'Love and miss you too loser! Harry said that he loves you.'

         'He's with you? Tell him that I love him too.'

        'Yeah he doesn't have anywhere to go, so I'm letting him stay here.'

       'Oh okay. Hey, I have to go. I'll text you in like an hour.'

    I walked back upstairs, and decided to talk to my family.



  Sorry I just kind of ended this chapter. I'm going somewhere and I have to update on my phone, and if I save chapters sometimes it deletes them and I have to redo them. So as soon as I publish this I'm gonna finish the chapter. 

    I feel like it's kind of confusing, so I'm gonna clear some stuff up.

      I'm gonna add all of the boys in this story, but they won't be famous. I'm gonna add one of them in this chapter.

      Uhm yeah that's all I can think of. Haha. 

      Oh and I'll just say this if anybody's reading it. This is pretty much my life story. Everything I've said is true except it's not Harry I was with. Haha

       Love y'all. Keep liking, favoriting, fanning, and commenting! Lol

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