The Life of A Middle Schooler

Rylie is starting middle school next week! She is excited until she finds out her best friend from elementary school got red hall and she got green. Now she is completely worried about friends, let alone her grades!


8. September 6, 2013


        It feels awfully early for my alarm to ring.... OH WAIT! IT'S MY FIRST DAY! I'm getting a mixture of excitement and nervousness, but I hopped up, and ran into the bathroom, and got ready. I chose to wear my lucky shirt and white jeans that match. Only 6:30? I have time for breakfast! I dashed downstairs, and poured myself a bowl of cereal. I was done by 6:45. My bus arrives at 7, so I put my sneakers on and wore a black sweater. And now, I wait, I though, a I stood there, waiting for it to be 7. Soon, my mom came downstairs still in her robe, and pulled out a box from behind her back. I quickly unwrapped it, and OMG!!! IT WAS MY NEW PHONE!!!

     "It's got a SIM card and here is your new number" she handed me a piece of paper. "Keep it safe, you're not getting another phone until high school!"

    "Thank you SOOOO much, mom! I LOVE you!" I hugged her, then checked the time. 6:59! I had to run! I said bye to my mother and ran to my bus stop.

        I sat there, all alone on the bus, in a two seater. I didn't really care, I got time to explore and personalize my phone! I downloaded a few apps, changed my wallpaper and added a passcode. I decided to turn it off for a bit, and just see who else was on the bus that I knew, other than Mary, an annoying girl who lives in my neighborhood. It turns out, there a lot of people I know. I know every sixth grader but two of them: Ben, and Diane. They seem nice, so let's see if Diane will be my friend. Honestly, I think she will, but not my BFF, so I'll just wait until I get to homeroom. I have Ms. B (I can't pronounce her name, so I'll call her Ms. B.)

           As I stepped into the school, memories of my past concerts here flood my head. I haven't seen the whole school, but I know my way to the cafeteria, which is where I'm headed. Red hall is nearby, but I'm not sure where they're meeting. I looked around to see anyone I knew, and sure enough, mom was right. I saw a group of my friends- the ones I hung out with a LOT in 4th and 5th grade- all sitting at one table. I ran over to them and greeted them asking how their Summer was, since we didn't really keep in touch. My mood brightened a bit, and a huge smile grew on my face until we reached homeroom. Mrs.B look really young, about 23 years old. Finally, a young teacher! Oh God, I'm really judgemental. 

            "Okay, class! Welcome to Middle School! Please walk around and find your seats, your name is written on your agendas." Ms. B seemed really nice. I walked over to my seat near the door, and because we were sitting in groups, it felt a little awkward. " These are your homeroom seats until I change them, so remember where you are! I have a Do Now on the board, to please get to work until we have a meeting with the rest of the 6th graders in Green hall." I finished rather quickly, so I decided to look at my schedule. Ms. B is my reading and writing teacher, Mr. Lio is my math teacher (hmmmm.... a guy, huh? Is he nice?). Mrs. Thomson is my science teacher, and Ms. Belle is my social studies teacher. I also have gym and art.

               Okay, this is getting waaayyy too awkward, I thought. After about a few more seconds of nervousness, I looked up at my fellow classmates. "Hey, guys. I'm Rylie." Only one of them looked up. Tough crowd.

               "Hi, my name is Alexis, but you can call me Alex." I like that name. Even for a girl, it sounds really cool. If I could change my name, it would probably be Alex. "Man, middle school sure is... different," she continued. Yep. Tell me about it. I almost want to go back to elementary school already.

                "Yeah," was all I managed to say. "Excuse me if I'm quiet, I'm kind of shy around New people." I gave her a slight smile, and then Mrs. B spoke up.

               "Okay, class! It's time to go to the cafeteria, so line up at the door!" Alright, time for a proper introduction to the school!

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