The Life of A Middle Schooler

Rylie is starting middle school next week! She is excited until she finds out her best friend from elementary school got red hall and she got green. Now she is completely worried about friends, let alone her grades!


7. September 5, 2013

               I ended up leaving from Jordan's place at 10pm, and my mom basically killed me, because I didn't tell her I was staying late, so..... I'M GETTING AN IPHONE 5S!!! WOO HOO!!! I am jumping with joy, and rolling around my bed! I still can't believe it! I start school tomorrow, so I'll be right back, I'm going to check if I have all my supplies!

               I'm back! I have everything I need and I'm now all set! My mom was trying to get me to cook dinner, but I wouldn't even go near the stove (if you're wondering why, it's just that I ALWAYS get burned near that thing!) Yeah, I'm bored... so I'm going to the beach with Jordan! Bringing this with me, so I'll keep you updated!

             Okay, it's like, 2 o' clock right now, and it took Jordan an hour to get ready. But, we finally made it to the beach! Okay, it's a bit chilly, so after 10 minutes, we decided to go shopping! We were wearing shorts and a t-shirt, so we didn't have to change. I had 20 bucks on me, and Jordan had 15. There is something special that we do when we go shopping. When we reach the store, we set a timer for 15 minutes. Then we split up and run around the store and grab the cutest things we could afford, then meet back at the check out lines and compare what we found. It was really fun, and I go bonkers when I do this! I am a very expensive shopper, and I end up raging when I can't buy everything I grab! Heheh, I just realized, I'm a lunatic!

              We went to several stores, and I didn't buy much, and I have $5 left over. It's turning dark now, so I'm heading home. Hopefully, my mom didn't feel like cooking, so we could go out tonight! Wish me luck?


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