The Life of A Middle Schooler

Rylie is starting middle school next week! She is excited until she finds out her best friend from elementary school got red hall and she got green. Now she is completely worried about friends, let alone her grades!


3. September 3, 2013

             I accidentally overslept this morning. It was 11:30. The first thing that popped in my head was Jordan. I immediately dashed over to my dresser and grabbed my phone. Since I don't have a cellphone, I have to use the home phone but right now, that's not important. I dialed her number and as the phone started ringing I went downstairs and fed Sammi. Just as I was about to pour her kibble, she answered.

"Hello?" She spoke softly into the phone. I could tell something wasn't right.

"Hey what's wrong?" I asked. I was going to tell her I got green hall, but it could wait.

"Huh? Oh nothing!" She was hiding something. I just know it.

"Come on. You're hiding something and I won't talk to you until you tell me." And of course I didn't mean it; it's just a way to get her to spill the beans.

"No! Alright fine. I had an asthma attack." She said so quietly that I couldn't understand until I ran it through my head again.

"WHAT!?!" I shouted. Sammi got a bit scared because normally, I don't shout.

"Yea. I'm alright now. I just had to go to the hospital. You had something  to say, didn't you? Tell me." I could tell she wanted to change the subject. I let her because she was probably feeling uncomfortable.

"Oh I just wanted to tell you I got green hall..." My voice trailed off. I was really sad for her because she had an asthma attack and to top it off, we're not going to see each other much at school anymore. 

"Oh." She said. "Stop lying. I'm serious."

"I'm not!"





"Can u meet me at the beach tomorrow? I would come today but I'm not feeling so well."

"Alright. Bye"


           Upset by the news, I went onto my computer and began playing my favourite videogame, minecraft. I played it for hours and didn't realise until my mom called me down for dinner. Today was Indian food. My mom likes to have food from different countries so every year for one month, we eat foods from different countries each day. Today it was something called Paneer. I've had this before, and I have to say, it may be spicy, but it's really good!

              When it was time for bed, I almost immediately fell into a deep, dreamless, sleep.

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