The Life of A Middle Schooler

Rylie is starting middle school next week! She is excited until she finds out her best friend from elementary school got red hall and she got green. Now she is completely worried about friends, let alone her grades!


2. September 2, 2013

               I wake up to hear the birds chirping, the ocean's waves gently touching the sand, dog's constant barking. Oh well. Time to get up, I guess. As I step off my bed, Sammi, my dog jumps up and spins on her hind legs. It's her little way of telling me she was hungry. After eating breakfast I feed Sammi and take her on her morning walk. Since I live on the beach, I went over to the ocean and walked along it's waves. Sammi likes to jump in the water so I brought her towel in case she decides to *SPLASH* JUMP! Ugh now I'm soaked! Man! I was wearing my favorite top! Oh well. I'll just have to suck it up.

             On our way home, Sammi does a soft whimper, as if she was saying sorry. I bend down and rub her belly. Sammi absolutely LOVES it when I do that so she takes it as if she was forgiven. I get a text from Jordan, my best friend from elementary school. She says she found out what hall she got: red. That means I got the letter, too! Sammi and I race home in excitement to find the mailman putting the mail in the mailbox. As soon as he leaves, I dash over and grab my letter. I'm really hoping I got red hall. As I sit on my couch about to open the envelope, my mother comes over and sits next to me. Unable to take the suspense, I tear the envelope open. I got......... GREEN HALL!?!? REALLY??? I can't believe it! No! All my other friends also got red hall! Why did I have to get GREEN? Oh God.

              I lay on the couch, my head on my mother's lap. It's been a long time since I've laid on her lap. She comforts me and says maybe I do have friends in green hall, I just forgot about them. Hoping she was right, I close my eyes, falling asleep, taking a stress nap.

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