The Life of A Middle Schooler

Rylie is starting middle school next week! She is excited until she finds out her best friend from elementary school got red hall and she got green. Now she is completely worried about friends, let alone her grades!


6. Apology!

Hey guys! Cake_Lover here!

            I apologize for not really being able to update, school has really been kinda getting on my nerves, ( I think you know what I mean ) therefore, I have been busy. I finally got time, so enjoy the next chapter! Oh, and YAY ME for getting 5 fans! I've had movellas since June, but I was not an author until September, I think? Also, I got an amazing twist to the story, idk if u guys want to keep it real, or want to fantasize it, please post in the comments! Keep eating cake!


                            With Love,


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