Lessons In Love (16+)

Tallulah Matthews is an innocent girl. It's senior year and she's finally ready to break out from her comfort zone and act like her age. With sexy, playboy, Harry Styles to help her along the way, there won't be anything 'innocent' about Tallulah for long.
*Warnings: Language and Sexual Content. Read at your own risk*


4. The Talk.



I was numb for pretty much the rest of the day. It's the last period of the day, and it just so happens that I have gym/health with Harry. This is the one class where I'm without a friend…that's if you don't count my little brother. That's right, no Rachel or Shelby to keep me company. Here I am, mixed in with all the other grades of the school, and feeling very self conscious as I changed into my gym clothes. I know it's crazy, but I'm being paranoid about there being some type of peep-hole that the guys can look in.


Sad, I know. I just can't believe that Harry and whoever else were talking about me like that. I mean…me? Of all people, they were checking me out? That's insane. Maybe it was just the outfit, and the fact that my hair was different. Yeah, that's it. It was just a reaction to the mini make-over. I'm over thinking this. It's. No. Big. Deal!


I walked out of the locker room in my t-shirt and gym shorts. I folded my arms over my chest, in attempt to cover myself up. Of course, I then realized that was extremely stupid since my body is much more than just my chest, and I wouldn't be able to cover it if I tried. Note to self: rethink gym clothes. I took my seat on the bench and observed as the guys were shooting around on the far side of the gym.


Harry and the rest of the seniors, of course, leading them in this activity. Austin, of course, was Harry's right hand man during all of this. Traitor! If only he knew the vulgar, disgusting, vile, things that Harry was saying about me…


"Alright guys, bring it in." Mr. Jensen called. "Today will be our last class of physical education. Tomorrow, the seniors will report to room 215." We all groaned. Yet another year of learning about where babies come from. We haven't been excited about health since the sixth grade, when learning about sex was new.


"I think we all know about sex," A boy named Louis said as he walked over to join the group. "Some of us are experts." He slung his arm around Harry's shoulder. I didn't know whether Harry was going to stand there proudly or bashfully blush at the comment. He did neither. He simply gave that signature smirk of his and shook his head.


Mr. Jensen split us up after that. We played some stupid tag game for the rest of gym class but I stayed to myself. Not because of what Harry said, but because of the simple fact that I didn't know anyone else. Austin was in no hurry to talk to me, and the way he hung onto Harry's every word was unsettling.


I was ecstatic when the bell signaled the end of the day. I was on my way to the mall with Rachel and we were going shopping for Shelby's birthday since she was going to be at drama club. This would be the perfect time for me to get all the details about Zayn that I'd been shielded from.




"Hey Rach, you ready to go?" I asked, walking up to her car.


"Yes, I'm so happy to be done for the day. Mondays are the worst!" She complained, unlocking the door. I laughed a bit and climbed inside.


"So, how was your day?"


"Ugh! I had to work through lunch with Mr. Thomas because Calculus will be the death of me. I'm really drowning over this one equation. Think you can help?" Rachel jutted out her bottom lip and I caved.


"Of course, but tell me more about today. Any run-ins with Zayn?" I wiggled my eyebrows at her as she broke out into a smile.


"Patience, young grasshopper. We'll get to that subject in a bit." She smirked, jabbing her keys into the ignition. "What about your day? Anymore people hit on you?"


"Oh Rach, you would not believe what I heard being said about me today." I groaned. I quickly blabbed to her about what Harry said in the halls earlier. "You were so right. He's an ass, and he wants to use me."


"Sorry Tally, but boys at Henderson High only want one thing."


"Ah, but that's where you're wrong. Harry Styles wants two things…sex and an A." We burst out in laughter at my statement. It was true. All boys want good grades and all boys want to get laid. Harry was no different. I was just naïve. We drove for a little while longer, making jokes and laughing before we finally got to the mall.


"So, what should we get our little nerdy Shelby?" Rachel asked. We got out the car and looked at each other.


"Books!" We yelled simultaneously. The laughter continued from there. We entered the mall and almost instantly Rachel swerved into Victoria's secret. I didn't like going in this store. As embarrassing as it is to admit, it makes me blush. The thought of trying to figure out how to put on the lingerie, let alone wear it, was enough to make me turn permanently red.


"Rach!" I hissed. Why I expected her to answer, I didn't know. She probably did this on purpose.


"Rachel!" I tried again. When she didn't answer me, I ventured deeper into the store. I looked around at all the lace bras and frilly underwear.


"Can I help you find anything?"


"Uh...I'm okay for today." I answered blushing. Where the heck is Rachel?!


"Tally, which one should I get?" I whipped around to see her holding up two lacy lingerie sets. One red, one white.


"Uhm why?" I now know that this was a stupid question to ask. She wanted it because of Zayn.


"The boys have a game this Friday. I wanted to get something for Zayn if they win," She held up the white set. "Or if they lose." She finished holding up the red one. I was baffled. How could she stand in here without feeling uncomfortable? Oh, that's right: she's not a virgin anymore. She's got nothing to feel uncomfortable about. "So, which one?"




"I thought so too." She hung up the white one came closer to me. "Are you going to get anything out of here?" I want to laugh at Rachel for suggesting that. Did she forget who she's with?


"Tay, why would I need any of this stuff?" I giggled as I showed her a peach colored night gown.


"Not the gowns, but maybe something to start you off. A few lace bras and underwear or something." She makes a good point. I took baby steps over to the pile of bras that were in the store. They were pretty nice. I sifted through the pile and picked out a few ones that looked, well, sexy. They were very different from the plain ones I had at home.


"Nice. Now let's get you some underwear to go with it." I let my best friend pull me toward the pile of thongs they had in the store. Okay, so I'm a little reluctant to pick out some of these. They look like they might be so painful. I got two thongs, and the rest were regular fitting panties. As we checked out, I felt oddly proud of myself. It's like I conquered one of my fears.





It wasn't until we got home that I realized I forgot to ask Rachel about Zayn again. I really need to set up an alarm for it or something. Stifling a yawn, I locked the front door behind me and kicked my converses towards the shoe rack.


"Tallulah? Is that you?" My mom called from the upstairs.


"Yeah!" I yelled back.


"Oh good. We're having a guest for dinner and I need you to help me set the table."


"Alright." I walked into the kitchen and set the Victoria's Secret bag on the counter. Whenever my mother told me to set the table it meant someone important was coming, usually connected to my Dad. I washed my hands and reached up to get the plates. Times like these made me wish I was a whole lot taller.


"Hey Tal!" Austin shouted, bursting through the patio doors. I jumped and banged my head on the bottom of the cabinet. Austin burst out into laughter and that was when I realized he wasn't alone. Rubbing my head, I turned around and looked at Harry as he laughed quietly with my little brother.


"Are you okay?" He asked, trying to hold in his laugh. Why am I also injuring myself in his presence?


"Peachy." I replied, rolling my eyes. He shook his head and made his way over to me. Okay Tallulah, this is very important. No matter what he does, do not fall for his phony flirting. You'd be better off just not looking directly into his eyes.


"Let me help you with that." He stretched his arms up to get the plates, backing me into the counter in the process. Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that surely my little brother wouldn't stand for this, and I'm sure he wouldn't. But the little delinquent was already gone! I was alone with Harry.


"Uh, thanks." I said, moving around him.


"It's no problem. You seem to be prone to bumping into things." He did that sexy smirk. His green eyes bored into mine - lulling me in, making it impossible for me to look away. Don't let him get to you, Tallulah. I got some glasses from the shelf and placed them on the counter.


"Says the guy who bumped into me at the Den," I crossed my arms over my chest, pretending not to care. Harry chuckled and shook his head.


"Fair enough. So, how was your day?" He shouldn't have asked me that. I have an urge to yell at him. In fact, I think I will. I want to wipe that smug look on Harry's face when he hears that I know all about his little bet.


"Well, it started of good. Lots of compliments about the little makeover my friends gave me." I laughed happily. Harry nodded, and I went in for the kill. "Then I heard these two guys talking about me."


"Really? What'd they say?" He asked, completely unaware that I was talking about him. He folded his arms and leaned against the counter.


"Well they said I had really nice legs." I pretended to blush. "Then one of them bet that he could sleep with me and deliver my underwear as proof of it." My voice was sharp, and I glared at him. I desperately wanted him to deny it, to tell me that it was only for show. Despite what I heard him say, I still wanted him to be the nice guy I'd spoken with at the den.


"Well that saves me a lot of trouble. When and where do you want to do this?" His voice was sickeningly sweet. My mouth literally dropped. Was he serious?!


"I-I'm not going to sleep with you. You're crazy!" I whispered afraid someone would hear.


"You say that now. It won't be long before you start begging." He seemed cocky now. Unbe-freakin-lievable. He has no shame! "Tell me something Tally, are you a virgin?"


"I...I mean-" I found myself stuttering, my cheeks flaming under his heavy gaze. Believe me I wasn't this shy around people, but Harry seemed so good at catching me off guard and making me seem like a stuttering fool.


"Of course you are." He walked over to the counter and peeked in the bag. I darted over to them, but he had already seen. I'll never live this down. "Innocent little Matthews has lacy underwear? I'll enjoy seeing these on you."


I'm red right now. I can't tell if I'm angry or if it's just my embarrassment. Oh god—I didn’t know he was here! Why was he here? "I thought you were nice, but you're just an asshole like the rest of them."


"Me?" He asked, stupidly pointing to himself. He's impossible. I pushed past him towards the door, desperately needing to save myself. “You can only walk away from me for so long, Tally.” I prepared to argue back when I turned around but my stomach churned at the sight of him. His eyes were hard, determined, and his lips curled into a smirk when he saw the look cross over my face.


However, we were suddenly jolted from our awkward moment when the kitchen door opened. Harry pulled away from my VS bag instantly, sitting up to peer over the head of the couch, and I stood up, walking around it to see who was at the door.


I felt relief wash through me when I saw Austin come in the kitchen and walk over to Harry. My legs had a mind of its own as I stormed past Austin to the door, praying my mom would let me skip dinner and stay in my room. I needed to get the hell away from Harry.






Authors Note: Guys I'm so sorry for the long wait :( I've been really busy but I'm planning to sticking to my original schedule so expect an update on Thursday night or Friday! Please like, fave or comment if you enjoyed this chapter <3


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