Lessons In Love (16+)

Tallulah Matthews is an innocent girl. It's senior year and she's finally ready to break out from her comfort zone and act like her age. With sexy, playboy, Harry Styles to help her along the way, there won't be anything 'innocent' about Tallulah for long.
*Warnings: Language and Sexual Content. Read at your own risk*


2. The Plan.



It's Sunday night and the girls and I are hanging out in my room. We're having our annual sleepover, and I was actually having fun. We gave each other makeovers that we have to wear to school tomorrow. Mine is very simple. Nothing but some straight hair and a skirt. I'd be stupid not to agree. The fun part comes now though. The girls are finally going to reveal all the dirty details that they've kept from me. I got up from my place on the bed and locked the door. I would just cry if my mother walked in and heard me. Or worse, my younger brother Austin who just can't seem to mind his own business. I'm pretty sure his life is a thousand times more interesting than mine anyway. Where was I?


Oh right! I walked back over and plopped down on the bed. "Tell me everything!" I grinned. Rachel laughed at me and Shelby shook her head smiling. "You go first, Shelbs." I say sticking my tongue out at her.


"Where do I begin?" My shy friend asked smiling.


"Oh god I don't know…from the beginning? How far have you gone? Who was your first kiss? Is Liam a good kisser? What did you two do when his parents were gone?" I fired them off one by one at her. Hey, if she hadn't been so tight lipped, this would be much easier for all of us.


"Um…not too far, I guess. Michael Dutch, yes of course he is, and we um…"




"Just you know. Hooking up stuff…we made out a bit and then…" Her face was completely red now. Could she be talking about oral? My mouth fell open. I was amazed. If Shelby had gone that far, there was no hope for me at all.


"Shelby…did you and Liam…" I trailed off, not able to finish my question. She blushed and nodded.


"I mean, we didn't go all the way, but we went there."


"I'm so proud of you!" Rachel squealed. "Your relationship with him is really going good. As long as he's not pressuring you to do anything, you guys' will be golden." The two of them smiled. I sat in shock. What else had been happening without me knowing?


"And what about you Rach? Give me all the details."


"Well, you know how I had a thing with Zayn…" No, no way! There was no way that they started going together again and she didn't tell me. "We sort of, hook-up every once in a while."


"Rach!" I said loudly. "How could you keep something like that from me?!"


"Well, I didn't know how you would take it. I didn't want you to lecture me about how wrong it is to fool around with him when we're not in a relationship."


"What? When have I ever said anything like that?" I really don't have an opinion of those people. Except that they happen to be the most experienced people at school.


Rachel shrugged. "You didn't have to! I mean, why else would any eighteen year old still have virgin lips?"


"So that's what this is about? Because I haven't kissed anyone, I'm not worthy of knowing what's going on in your life? Glad I know that now." I huffed and walked over to the computer.


"No! It's just that I figured you must be scared of catching something, because what's stopping you from running out and kissing someone right now?" Is that how she really sees it? Like I can just run out and kiss someone?


"Easy for you to say! You're fooling around with one of the hottest guys in school. Your confidence level is a skyscraper compared to mine. But thanks for seeing that friend." I snapped at her. "And excuse me for thinking that your first kiss is supposed to mean something. For feeling like you're supposed to feel some sort of spark for the person that gives it to you. Am I so wrong for wanting it to be special?" I yelled. Okay, I feel pretty stupid right now. There are tears in my eyes. That's how hurt I am. I would expect her to understand. That's what best friends are there for, right?




"I'm really tired, and it's getting late. We should get to sleep." I muttered shutting down the computer. I walked over to my bed and grabbed a pillow.


"You're not sleeping in here?" Shelby asked.


"Nah, it's a stuffy. I'm going to go get some air." I took my blanket and went downstairs to the sunroom. I laid myself down on the sofa and stared at the ceiling.


"Tall, what are you doing down here?" My little brother, Austin, asked.


"Sleeping." I answered sitting up.


"I thought you had that sleepover thing going on." He said, his face scrunching up.


"Yeah, but Rachel and I got into a fight." I patted the cushion on the couch as he made his way into the dimly lit room. "Dad home yet?"


"Nah, he's pulling a late night at the office. Mom says he's working on some sort of surprise for us." Austin grinned with excitement. I smiled. Sure, he's my bonehead brother, but he's sweet when he wants to be. Austin doesn't look that much different than I do. He has the same light brown eyes as me, and the same dark brown hair, almost black, hair. He's taller than me, naturally, but he's also very strong.


"What do you think it is? Maybe he's taking us on vacation, or maybe we're getting a home theater built or—"


"Go to sleep, Austin!" I laughed. "You keep at it, and you're going to put your mind on over drive." I swatted him with a pillow and he laughed along. I kissed him on the cheek after he got up to go to his room. "Night!"


"Goodnight!" He called from down the hall. I snuggled up to a pillow and let the sleep take over me.



"T…Tally…Tally….Tallulah wake up!" Austin shook me each time he spoke. I groaned and pulled a pillow over my head. "Oh, no you don't." He ripped away my blanket and I growled at him. Why must he be so persistent? Can't he just leave me alone for once?


"Okay, okay!" I sat up, but somehow rolled off the couch. Austin erupted with laughter.


"Man, oh, man. I wish I had a camera for all of these moments that Henderson High never gets to see." You would dear brother, and then I'd wish for all of Henderson High to see your pictures from your Goth phase back in eighth grade. "They wouldn't call you the school's sweetheart after that." Retreating out of the room toward the kitchen he took one more glance back at me and laughed again. I picked myself off the ground and made my way up to my room. Shelby was still fixing her hair in the mirror. I didn't see Rachel, so I assumed she was already eating.


"Hey," She greeted when she saw me. "How was the sunroom?" She gave me a half smile.


"Fine, much less crowded." I spoke without looking at her. I know this isn't exactly fair since I didn't have a fight with her, but she could've done something to help out with the Rachel situation. It'd be much easier if she picked a side.


"Look, I know you're not exactly happy with Rachel, and you might not be so happy with me, but.." My small friend sighed. I hated seeing Shelby like this. She was such a nice person, and seeing her when something was bothering her was upsetting. Especially if you're the cause of it. "We just don't know how to talk to you about it. I mean, I know you and Rach were best friends first, but it's just a lot easier for us to talk to a friend that's in a similar situation."


"That's fine. I can't help that you feel that way. It's just that I thought maybe you guys would stop and think about how isolated that makes me feel." I grabbed the outfit that had been laid out for me the night before and went into the bathroom to change. After pulling on the ruffled black skirt, brown t-shirt, and short black jacket on, I began to straighten my hair. It's sort of therapeutic for me.


What if I was over-reacting about Rachel and her secrets? I mean, she was sort of looking out for me. Or at least looking out for my feelings. Ugh! I wish that I could take classes in this sort of thing. I clamped the hair straightener down on my hair, and when I got to the end of the strand, that's when I got the perfect idea.


What if someone could teach me how to be physical with a guy? Someone with experience to help me get over my awkwardness? That would be perfect! Someone from the opposite sex to give me some lessons and teach me things. It was so crazy that it just might work. Why had I not thought of that before? It all makes perfect sense. I finished with my hair and raced down to the kitchen. I was anxious to tell my friends.


When I got there, my parents were eating at the table with everyone else. Maybe I should wait to tell them about my plan. I'd be avoiding a huge amount of awkward conversations with my mom. I kissed daddy on the cheek and slid into my seat with a smile on my face. He gave my outfit a once over and grunted. I'm not sure if he approved or not, but I don't want to chance it. I ate happily while the usual morning chatter was going on. I was oblivious to the conversation. I was too busy thinking about how to tell my friends about my brilliant plan.


This day just might be awesome.



Authors Note: What do you guys think will happen with her little plan? Please comment for the next chapter :)



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