If only you knew

Its been 3 years since One direction was made. Its also been three years since Harry found out he had fallings for Louis. What will happen now? Will harry and Louis go out? Will it end their friend ship for good? Or will Louis never find out? Plot twist!!!! Does Harry really have feelings for Niall? Does Niall feel the same way back?


6. The choice

Niall's pov:

 We had just made our way down to the lobby. My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw how much food their was. Table after table of food Omg it was like table after table of food. I turned to Liam and said, "Catch me I think im going to faint." "Why what's wrong Niall?" "Look around you Liam and ask me what's wrong again." I said looking very annoyed right at  that moment. Liam did as I told him and then it happened I fainted like I said I would. Only Liam didn't catch me Harry did.  He looked at me with those bright green eyes and that cute smile that mad my heart skip a beat. "Are you okay Niall?" My cheeks flushed red and I nodded my head yes as he helped me regain my balance.


It was late and I was all ready for bed. I climbed into my bed after saying good night to the lads who wore all turning it in for the night except for Louis. That night I couldn't help but replay what happened with harry today. Then it turned into a dream.

* The dream*

I had just woken up in our room after a long nights rest. I looked over at Harry's bed and saw a note. I got up facing the cold air threating to wake me up so early. I picked up the peace of paper and sat on Harry's bed reading it.


Dear Niall

Im sorry if I scared you by not being their when you woke up. I have  a supers for you that I just know you'll love to so much. I all ready got your clothes for the day picked out for you. Their over in the bathroom got get ready and meat me in the lobby down stairs. That's where I'll be waiting for you!


I thought that It was the cutes thing I had ever read so I went into the bath room to find what his fav alifit on me was.  I picked up the cloths and got ready then I went to go and head down stairs to find Harry. My cheeks so wore so red and my legs felt like jelly. As I was walking down stairs  When I ran into Liam. " Hey Liam." I said to him with a big smile on my face.

He turned and looked at me. "O niall I was just going to see you. I wanted to ask you something.". I looked at him a bit confused but said "okay". He cleared his throught and said, "Niall will go out with me as my girl of boy friend.  I told him would think about it and  he said okay. Then I woke up in bed in shocked straight with sweet dripping down face. I said to my self before going  to be picture. I said, " I have to choose if I love Harry or Liam"

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