If only you knew

Its been 3 years since One direction was made. Its also been three years since Harry found out he had fallings for Louis. What will happen now? Will harry and Louis go out? Will it end their friend ship for good? Or will Louis never find out? Plot twist!!!! Does Harry really have feelings for Niall? Does Niall feel the same way back?


14. Live on

Niall's pov:

I stood their with Louis in my arms I dint know what to do. I knew thew that I had to attack fast. I wasn't going to let Louis die on me. I took my shirt off and muffled up the wound as best as I could. Then because  I didn't have my phone on me. With a shaky voice I started to yell for help.

"HELP SOMEONE PLEASE MY BEST FIREND IS DYING!!! I NEED A DOCTOR!!! PLEASE!!!!" No one seemed to be brave enough to go and help me people all around me would just give me a sad look and walk away from me in my time of need. I started to think to my self that this was all my fault. I couldn't let Louis and Harry suffer because of and Liam. Well mostly me.

I picked Louis up on my shoulder and started to walk. It was the middle of winter but I didn't care at all. I was going to get Louis a doctor even if I died my self trying to save him. Any thing is worth it if it means I get to say a friend and a Love that has not yet been found.

 It was close to midnight  and I was worn out but I kept walking. Then I saw two bright lights shinning ahead of me. I was thinking now that either I had just died or their was a car. Then I heard a voice. It sound like someone I know. I was so week I could hardly stay awake. The voice got louder I guess that it was coming towards me. The voice was saying, "Niall is that you!! Omg Niall Louis don't worry guys everything will be okay." Then I saw more people and heard more voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying or what they looked like.

I had blacked out bye then. As I closed my eyes the last things going threw my mind where . I f someone dies tonight let it be me let Louis live on and take me in stead.

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