If only you knew

Its been 3 years since One direction was made. Its also been three years since Harry found out he had fallings for Louis. What will happen now? Will harry and Louis go out? Will it end their friend ship for good? Or will Louis never find out? Plot twist!!!! Does Harry really have feelings for Niall? Does Niall feel the same way back?


18. Just Give him some Time

*~*~*Louis' P.O.V.*~*~*

*~*~*3 months later*~*~*

It now has been three months and Niall still hasn't woken up. I had his hand with mine. 

"Niall please wake up. Please. I need you here. Please. Please." Tears started to form in my eyes. 

I was all better and I was able to leave anytime. I only left when I stepped from the room was outside the door. Niall was in a coma and everything is falling apart.

The tour has been canceled and the new album release date has been moved to mid 2014. The Where We Are tour has also been moved and 1D Day was canceled. 

Liam has shut down. He barely talks, he barely eats and he always stays in his room crying. Harry is also down but not much as Liam. The coming bromance Narry was what got him. Now there is no Narry. 

No Niam, no Nouis, no Narry, no Ziall. It all leads up to no Niall. 

It's killing all of us inside. I thought about self harm. But I know that Niall would never want me to do that. I'm still eating just not a lot. I've been so focused on Niall. Everything leads up to me thinking on Niall. 

Niall. Niall. Niall. Niall. 

Louis stop thinking about him. I shook my head. I stared at his pale face. 

This was different looking at him like when he was asleep. Even though he is sleeping, It just isn't the same. 

I can't look at him and he'll just wake up. I miss his laugh. The famous Niall Horan laugh. That laugh made my day. It was so cute and so loud. And different. I loved it. 

Listening to our old songs made me cry. Specifically Little Things.

Flashbacks of Niall playing the guitar on stage and him singing just breaks my heart. 

His unique voice was amazing and he is so talented and funny and sweet and just.......perfect.

I was thinking of all the things I wanted to say to Niall. Before he went into this coma. Before everything turned for the worst.

I didn't even notice tears was falling from my eyes until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Niall's doctor. 

"When is going to wake up?" I asked, demanded.

"Well I can't keep telling you soon. Louis I'm sorry. All of the doctors are clueless to when Niall is going to wake up." The doctor gave up on calling Niall Mr. Horan. He's been checked in this hospital and every patient leaves knowing who he is and why he's here. 

"Just you personally, would you have any guess how much longer he will be out?" I stood facing him. 

"Well Mr. Tomlinson, my guess would be another 3 or 5 months. If he doesn't wake up after 5 months, we will be forced to end his life." 


hey lovlies!! :D two chapters in 1 day. be lucky :) haha i didnt even mean to leave a great cliffhanger :) guess im just good at it :) ;) this chapter was mostly focused on what kind of things is going threw his head. so yeah :)))) hope you liked it!! :)))


Lots of love


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