If only you knew

Its been 3 years since One direction was made. Its also been three years since Harry found out he had fallings for Louis. What will happen now? Will harry and Louis go out? Will it end their friend ship for good? Or will Louis never find out? Plot twist!!!! Does Harry really have feelings for Niall? Does Niall feel the same way back?


23. Cancer

Harry's pov:

I went up stairs to go and see if Niall was okay. As soon as I went up stairs I went on knocked on the door but I just opened up. I walked in side when  I noticed that Niall wasn't their. Weird I thought he went up stairs to rest. Then it hit me he could be in Louis room. I  was just about to leave when I heard some thing come form the side of the bed. I ran over to bed to see Niall with a pale face screaming out in pain.

"GUYS GET UP HERE NOW!!!! SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH NIALL!!!" With in the time that I screamed the lads upstairs and worried as ever. "What's wrong Harry?"  Zayn turned around to see Niall clutching his stomach in pain. "Omg what's wrong with Niall?" I looked at him and shrugged.  Louis stepped up and came in the room on the phone. "Who are you talking to Louis?"

"Shhhh im calling 911." The ambulance showed up and rushed Niall to the hospital. We were waiting for some one to come out and tell us that Niall was going to be okay. That never happened. Not the doctor came out side and walked up to us. I jumped out of my seat and said, "Is Niall going to be okay doc?" He looked at me and  said, "He'll be okay but he needs to get surgery." We all gave him a confused look as he said, "Niall has CANCER."


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