Murder (Harry Styles A.U)ON HOLD



1. The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

Harry Styles

Age: 19.

Born: February 1st, 1994.

If you look into the fact of evil,
evil's gonna look right back at you.


3. Chapter 3

It's been at least since mum returned. Turns out, while I was out for a run, her friend needed help immediately. She scurried over to her house and forgot to tell me. For my phone that is, the minutes went out on there, and I had to replace them. And for the curly haired boy, I haven't seen him at all. I only wanted to know his name but he seemed in a rush to get out of my house. Even though I barely knew the man, I only knew a small amount of information.

He had beautiful green eyes, ones that intoxicate you and real you in. His chocolate curls that are aimlessly put into a deep quiff, make him seem sexy. The way his hands scrunched up every time I wanted to apologize. Too bad I wouldn't see him again. Or so I thought.

I dig through my purse and rush through my wallet. I finally find what I'm looking for and hand the waitress her tip. She smiles genuinely and thanks me. As I begin to sit up, I recognize a familiar face on the wall. The curly hair boy is wanted?

As if on cue, the waitress comes back and taps my shoulder. Se tilts her head slightly, and shakes it.

"Ah yes, Harry Styles." She says. "He's a murderer. You must stay away from him. He is dangerous. He is the definition of danger." She says quietly, almost as if he could hear us. "He murdered multiple people, and get's away with it. He was worth 150 grand, I suppose." She says and cleans the tables. I shake my head, now knowing that the curly haired man was the murderer. They call him Bloody Face. Whenever he kills someone, he marks them. He initials them, "H.S" and leaves his victims. He was inside my house, facing me, almost talking to me. And I helped him! 

What am I talking about? I shake it off and smile at the waitress one last time before leaving. I scratch the back of my head, confused. If he was the murderer, why didn't he kill me right then, and there?  I push the doors open, and exit myself into the nearly empty parking lot. I struggle to find my keys, and someone appears in front of me. "Excuse me," I say and begin walking towards my car, at a steady pace until I hear footsteps behind me. I quicken my pace, and pray I find my car in time.

"Come here pretty lady," the creep says. He pins me against a random car and he smells like alcohol. "I won't bite..." he grips my wrists tighter and I can clearly feel the circulation in my veins being cut off.

"Please stop.."I plea. That only causes him to tighter his grip, and I struggle to free myself.

Before he can protest, a familiar voice interrupts him. "Pick on someone your own size." Harry says. It's like being trapped between two lions and your the meat. The man glances at Harry and I set myself free.

"Ah, hello there Styles. Nice for you to join me." The alcoholic man slowly walks towards Harry, and points at me. I can't hear their conversation. Harry closes his eyes and shakes his head no. The guys throws his head back in laughter, and pushes Harry back. Harry seemed a bit startled, but then recovered quickly by punching the man in the jaw. The man falls back landing on his ass. Harry leans down by the mans ear and whispers something. I'm frightened, but not by the alcoholic. But by Harry. He could kill me any minute because he's "Bloody Face". But he did save me from whatever the alcoholic was planning to do to me.

Harry gets back up and slowly walks towards me. I stand my ground, showing him no emotion. He smirks, only for me to hold my breath.

"You're that girl that hit me with her car last week, am I right?" He questions. I start to shake, and grip my purse tighter. I nod my head slowly and stare at him. His eyes and a dark shade of green and I fear him.

"Don't be out so late, love." He walks past me and I turn around to glance at him, he does the same and smirks. I struggle to find my keys and shake whilst holding them in my hand. I hop inside my car and reverse. I pull out of the parking lot and drive to my house.

I open the front door and I immediately smell food. "Smells good mom." I say quietly and walk into the kitchen. My mom stands their steering whatever is in the pan. "Hi mom." I say and walk upstairs. I flop down on the bed and replay the events that currently happened. Why did Harry save me? Isn't he suppose to be a murderer? And what did he whisper into that guys ear? Why did he shake his head when supposedly the man asked him a question?

All of these questions rummage through my mind and I begin to get a headache. I stand up and walk into my bathroom and pull out some medicine. As I finish, I walk back into my room and find the window is open.

"What the..." I rush over to the window and close it. I search around the room for anything that could of gotten in. I thought I closed my window? I hear a cough behind me and stand in pure shock. Harry stand their with his knuckles all bloody and his face marked with scars. I shake uncontrollably and stand there.

"Help." He demands. I rush over into the bathroom once more and pull out the rubbing alcohol, for the second time. I scurry back into my bedroom and he sits on my bed. I say no word and begin to rub over his bruises. He smirks as he sees my nervousness in my eyes. He corressed his hands gently across my arm and I get goosebumps. "You're scared..." He says and deep chuckles.

"No I'm not.."I say clearly and rub harder on his bruise. "Fuck!" He says and jumps up. I chuckle and put the chemicals away and rub my hands against my black jeans.

I sit back down on the bed and Harry does the same. I'm sitting next to a serial killer. What am I doing? I instantly sit up and tuck my hands in my pockets, sweat beginning to build up. "You should leave." I say harshly, showing him that i'm serious. He rolls his eyes and walks over by the window.

"Wait," I say and walk over to him. "Why did you help em in the parking lot?" I ask. He grins and rolls his shoulders. "Night." He says and hops out of my window. I stand there in my room confused and as if on cue, my mom comes in with a worried expression on her face.

"Who were you talking to hun?" My mom asks and looks around the room.

"Oh a friend..."I say and walk over to her. "She needed help with something." I lie. She nods and stands there by my door frame.

"Dinners ready." She says and leaves my room. I close my door and sit on the edge of my bed, still confused.

What is up with him? The cities most wanted man, saves me. I stand up and walk downstairs towards the dinner table. I sigh, knowing my father is still at work.

"Spaghetti for dinner?" She asks. I nod and give her a simple smile. She places the food on the table and dig in. After dinner, I thank my mom and walk back into my room.


*Not and edited chapter* 

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