Murder (Harry Styles A.U)ON HOLD



1. The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

Harry Styles

Age: 19.

Born: February 1st, 1994.

If you look into the fact of evil,
evil's gonna look right back at you.


2. Chapter 2

"Mom, I'm going out for a run!" I yelled to mother as I grabbed my Nike jacket and made my way out the door. I felt the cold breeze brush against my skin, causing me to have goosebumps. It was an unusual night out; the clouds were more crowded than apart, the moon barely held a light, and fog was in the air. Maybe I should have stayed home. They're are so many creatures and robbers out here. I shrugged it off and continued humming along to my music.

As I made my way past a tree, I stopped. A dark figure stood behind a wall, grasping something in it's left hand whilst holding another object in it's left. Should I make a run for it? I slowly began walking towards the object, letting my feet have pure control. I stood in place, grasping my water bottle by my side tighter. It made a noise, and I quickly glanced at my water bottle immediately regretting it. The human dropped whatever object, or person, and instantly looked towards my way. I began to run as fast as I could, dropping my water bottle behind me. I ran as fast as I could my legs beginning to tire out. Keep running, keep running. My subconscious reminded me. I took out my ear buds and listened to my surroundings, casually glancing behind me. I turned around and looked all around. There was no one there. I know I'm not seeing things I'm not crazy. I shook my head and continued on running. I was still shocked from what I saw but that didn't stop me from running. I shouldn't be running out here anyways. Especially at eleven pm. I never understood why my mother would always agree to letting me take a jog late at nights, but it was the only thing to keep my cool. I was put under so much stress in the past couple of weeks.

I arrived at my house and dug my key into the keyhole. I skimmed the room with my eyes and noticed half of the lights were on.

"Mother..." I said, taking my shoes off and placing my jacket back on the coat racket. "Mother." I repeated louder this time. "Mother, why are all the lights on?" I questioned, hoping for a reply. I now began walking around the house hopefully to get an appearance of my mother or some sort of response.

My mother still did not answer my request and I began to worry. "Mother answer me this is not a joke." I walked down the hallways and came upon my mothers door. I slow turned the handle, praying nothing jumps out at me. Luckily, nothing did. I opened the closet, checked under the sheets, under the bed, and she remains hidden. "Mother answer right now or I'm calling the police.." I grabbed my phone out of my pants pocket and opened the keypad. I stood there in my mothers room waiting for a response. I dialed the number, and pressed the phone lightly against my ear. It rang, and rang, and then disconnected. "Hello?" I repeated constantly. I tried re-dialing the number, but it only disconnected for the tenth time. I grabbed a bat that in the supply closet in my mothers room and walked into the hallways.

The lights were dimmer and the hallway seem to go on forever. I suddenly felt goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Where is my mother?

"Mom!" I cried and ran into the kitchen. There was absolutely no sign of her! I looked around the living area, noticing a window was open and the quiet breeze of the wind fled threw the house. It's almost as if someone wanted to notice something was up. Clues. They had clues.

I jogged over to my couch, lifting up the pillows and the seats searching under and over, still no clues. I searched the kitchen, checking the counter to make sure there was no notes. The last place I checked still no sight of her. I sat on the kitchen counter top and bounced my legs back and forth. Where could she have gone? I was only gone for about ten minutes.

I tried calling the police, only for it return to a disconnection, or failure in the phone. Did someone disconnect my line? I rubbed my hands through my sweaty hair and rubbed my temples. I've been put through a lot of pressure this week and it would be highly appreciated if I didn't have to deal with my mother missing, too. My father's at work and I can't call anyone.

Right when I was about to get up, a noise filled my ears. I grabbed the bat that sat next to me and followed the sound. "Please mom, stop scaring me." I said as I continued to follow the sound. In front of me was a shattered glass. I examined it and stood up. I have to get out of here. I grabbed my jacket and my car keys and exited out of my front door. I hopped into my car and turned the engine on. I backed out of my driveway and began driving. My eyes started to drift and before I know it, a body collides with my car. I slam on the breaks and jolt forward, luckily not colliding with the steering wheel. I take moment to understand what just happened, and hop out of my car.

Behind my car lies a body, scratched up and blood dripping down its arms. "Oh my god.." I run over to the person, putting my finger to their pulse and luckily their still alive. "I'm so so sorry!" I take a moment to examine the figure. He has brown curls drooped over his forehead, and I can't quite see his eyes.

I grab my phone and hope I can get a signal. "Dammit!" I shout as I realize it died. Think..think.. I grab the man and carefully put him in the passenger side of my car. I'll have to go back to the house to get him cleaned up.

"I'm sorry." I say again and quickly put my car in drive, and speed back to my house. I quickly pull out my keys, holding the man by his shoulder, and placing him on the couch. I go into the medicine cabinet and get what I need.

I walk over to the man once more and shake his shoulder. His eyes flutter open and he looks around. Immediately he stands up, and pulls a gun to my head.

My suck a deep breath in and my hands are shaking. He looks around the room noticing the medicine supplies, and slowly puts his gun down. He rubs his temples and I slowly bring the cloth to his forehead, only for him to smack my hand away.

"I-I want to help.." My voice trails off and I try once again. This time he doesn't smack my hand away, but his jaw in clenched and un-clenched as he handled the stinging pain removing from the infuriating cloth. I rub over his bruises, and finally finish as I rub against his knuckles.

I hold the cloth in my hand, planning on what I should say next. I feel terribly bad for hitting him with laziness. I wanted to apologize, but he seemingly encouraged himself to get out of here. 

"I'm really sorry I h-hit you.." My voice trailed off as he scurried up his wallet, coat, and finally his raybans. 

He carelessly stood up and frowned. "You will never speak of this, or talk about this incident anywhere. Got it?" He charged. I nodded slowly as he exited out of my apartment. I never got his name. I quickly shook my head remembering the events of what happened to my mother earlier. She never appeared in this house I now call mysterious. She'll have to re-appear soon. She can't leave me. I scurried over to my blinds, wondering how the curly haired boy was going to manage to get home. As I skimmed my eyes over the front yard, he was no where to be seen. 


*(A/N) I hope you like it so far, I will be uploading chapters every 1 or 2 days. ily all and thank you for not hating on me :)*


*This was not an edited chapter.*

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