Wench With a Wrench


1. In Which Blue is Named for her Faults

Ashblue was her parents seventh child, with one younger sister. The first six sisters were so very lovely, and proper just as lord's daughters should be. The eighth sister, whose name is Last, was very proper and lovely too. Even though secretly she took after Ashblue. Its not to say that Ashblue wasn't beautiful. She was lovely. She had night sky colored hair, cut waist length, while her sisters had let their milk white hair grow only to their shoulders. And Ashblue was unhappy, and coincidentally so where her parents. And the reason was that Ashblue had had, fighting, riding, cooking, german, survival and reading lessons. Which he deemed improper for a princess. She had started these lessons long ago. Around the time she turned she 10, her parents decided that to start with her lessons. But she hated them, utterly hated them. But she curbed her tongue, and fought her way through the lessons. So eventually as she grew older she couldn't help rolling her eyes at the endless stupid protocol lessons. One time the teacher caught her in such a act. And launched into one of his lectures. Ashblue waited patiently for a second before clearing her voice and catching his attention. Then in her best princess voice she demanded to be taught to read. The teacher drew away and dropped his jaw. She repeated herself loudly. The teacher put up a small fight but eventually nodded and got out his books all the while looking a little scared of her. This went on for a couple months, each time she got bored, he would sigh and get out his books. But after a few months he alerted the king.

Sweety," the king said. "This isn't something thats done by princesses."

"Well I'm a princess," her parents nodded warily. Still bracing themselves for the way Last had reacted to similar scoldings. There had been quite a storm of tears."Well I'm doing it, so it is done by princesses," She said in her best princess voice that she reserved for arguments.

"Okay fine," her mother said. "It isn't proper."

"Well, thats just fine, anyways protocol was getting boring," Ashblue muttered under her breath. But luckily for her neither of her parents heard her, and that was the end of the discussion.

This happend 5 more times about fighting and etc.

By the end of this,both parties were thoroughly tired. And both had yet to relent. Her parents brought in a parlay and Ashblue and her parents decided to have her go to the country for a week, with her little sister. After they left the parents arranged to have a dragon come there pillage for a while, and then find the two girls.

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