Dead, yet, Alive

Ty Shriller is no ordinary student at Pine Hill High - he wasn't alive. But, he was. With no heart beating, no, warmth, just his stone-cold body. What happens when his close friend, Zach, finds out he isn't breathing, but still walking on Earth? Will Ty kill him, or will he let Zach tell the world, that we was a - Vampire. I cold, still, non-breathing, no-blood-pumping, blood-sucker. Find out in Dead, yet, Alive.


1. Monday, 9/2/13

4:00 A.M.


My name is Shriller, Ty Shriller. You're probably wondering, what is a regular teenage boy doing up at 4 in the morning. Let me tell you this; I'm no normal guy. I may sound normal, but I'm really not. I'm dead, yet, alive. Don't ask me how. But I am. A vampire, they call us. The humans call us - that's what I mean. It's not nice, because it's a label, but our kind don't mind, because we don't know what to call ourselves. I'm 16, and I go to Pine Hill High School, like a regular boy - or I try to. It's not easy. When you're cold, don't breathe, and can sit strangely straight up in a chair. While the others, slouch. My best friend, Zach, hangs out with me the most. But he doesn't even know my secret, only my kind does. And there are few in my school that are like that. But they're all girls. So that doesn't really help. All they do is hang on to me - since I was the only vamp guy here, they wanted me, to be their "mate". I'm not fond of girls, not really. So I shrug them off, and just play "basketball" or whatever, those humans call where you dunk an orange ball in a circle in the air. I best be getting off, finding my blood for this morning. Since I clearly can't bring it in Pine Hill.

-Ty Shriller




6:00 A.M.

I'm sorry it took a couple hours, my "journal". I was rather thirsty today - and depressed. I found out my favorite old vamp man died - his wife, she was mortal, shot him with a silver bullet. That's our weakness. She was drunk, and just decided 'Oh, this might be fun.' Boom. Gone. His name was Harry Rufus Styles Jr., yes, Harry E. Styles' great-grandfather. Surprising, right? How Harry E. Styles isn't, and he was, well, you have to be chosen. At 16. It runs in the Styles' family, so he might as well be feeling the effects now. Right during a concert, with hundreds of girls fangirling. *Sigh* It's very sad, how he'll like, be dead-living, like I am. But hey, now he can cheat on girls like he is now, but ALL OF THE WORLD! I mean, we can travel fast, and we're unbelievably strong. He'll be the best dater in the universe. God, I have to get to school. I'll write in you at Reading, Language Arts, almost every class. Because teachers really don't care. Except Art.

-Ty Shriller


A/N: Picture of Ty Shriller, & Friends,

Logan Lerman as Ty Shriller

Channing Tatum as Zach Remder (I know, I hate Channing, but I didn't know anyone ELSE!)


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