Dead, yet, Alive

Ty Shriller is no ordinary student at Pine Hill High - he wasn't alive. But, he was. With no heart beating, no, warmth, just his stone-cold body. What happens when his close friend, Zach, finds out he isn't breathing, but still walking on Earth? Will Ty kill him, or will he let Zach tell the world, that we was a - Vampire. I cold, still, non-breathing, no-blood-pumping, blood-sucker. Find out in Dead, yet, Alive.


3. Monday, 9/2/13: Getting Called to the Office

6:43 A.M.

I got called to the office as soon as Reading class was over. Apparently, Mr. Morris saw something he didn't like. Which isn't good, because I'm hoping he didn't see the part about a Vampire Revolution - that would have been bad. I keep praying to my kind of god, the one that's the Devil, which I hate to pray to. I hate being bad, and that I know I'll never live down there, but the old man, Harry Sr., said that was our god. We couldn't disrespect him, otherwise, he would make our non-ending life even more horrible. Which I really didn't want to happen, so I respected him, like humans respect their Sky God. I stalked into the office, and scurried to the right room, only because the desk lady was giving me the evil eye. I named it the Stink Squint, because she gave it to everyone. When entering the Principal's office, I could see Mrs. Gonzalez polishing her son's trophies - which were all around the room - until they were sparkling fake-gold. She heard by black Converse squeak on her plastic floors. "Hello, Mr. Shriller, I hear you were called in for rudeness written in a journal." I nodded. She motioned me to sit, and showed me a paper that I could see Mr. Morris's handwriting on. Please, don't about the "Vampire Revolution". It read 'that girl dated everyone'. Phew. It was about Sandra. I quickly apologized, and she said "Go, now. But I don't want this to happen again." I silently bobbed my head, took a pass from Stinky Squint Desk Lady, and bolted to Language Arts.

-Ty Shriller


6:51 A.M.

My, oh, my. Ms. O' Kendall was not in a good mood. She was my Language Arts teacher, and she seemed mad that I had gotten away with being 10 minutes late, and I got a pass. I tried to tell her I got called to the office, and they needed me horribly, but she wouldn't look at me the rest of the hour. I silently got out you, my journal, and wrote down everything I am now. I'm naming you "Enriquez Reydoyr." The first name after my brother from another mother, and the last from my mother, who died centuries ago. I changed my last name though, I didn't want to be reminded of you every moment I wrote in here. Anyways, I hear more gossip from the Lady's Desk, and the locker room. (That I passed). Brock knew he had to be the dad, because he was "awesome", and Lady Stinky Squint was quitting. I silently waved my hands in the air, and whisper-shouted "Yessssss!" I silently spread that around, and I could see everyone sprout smiles, as I whispered it in every direction. It was amazing. I didn't have to spread it around anymore, because Savannah & her Crew had it now. Nikki & Vikki (twins), had heard it from Charlie, who heard it from me, told Savannah. It was amazing - because I have a secret crush on the second-in-command, Emily. She was purely beauty. She was amazing. She was dating a guy named Niall - how believable is that he is the Quarterback. So movie-style. Like all other high-schools in history. Emily is also a cheerleader, who is also second-in-command, soon to be Head, because Sandra clearly can't do that was a baby on the way. The bell rang for Language Arts, so see you in Social Studies.

-Ty Shriller


Author's Note:

Please understand, that I am going very slow with this, and I have school, so I can't always get to Movellas.Com. :) Otherwise, my lovely Vampires, (that's what I call my fans), I will try to update every night with at least 2 chapters, because I love typing/writing.

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