I could see him, down to every last detail. The curls falling on to his face, the lean body, and the mesmerizing green eyes staring deeply into mine. His pink lips, pursed, seeming to hold that shape for eternity. But, I couldn't touch him.


6. Chapter 5

I immediately regretted leaving the house without a coat in hand as the door behind me shut and I was hit with a blast of cold air. Walking down the pathway, I found Charlie and the other driver warming up their hands and drinking small cups of tea, undoubtedly provided by Mary. She seemed like such a nice lady, caring for everyone. Charlie and the other driver were sitting on the cement blocks that lined the driveway from the bottom of the hill. They were huddled close and I knew that they must've been outside for quite a while.

"Amber!" Charlie looked up from his tea, smiling. " I didn't see you there." I pushed a stray lock of hair behind my ear. I wondered why I hadn't noticed that Charlie was extremely handsome. Like, model handsome. A quick glance would give you the idea that he was in his mid- twenties, but really, he looked to be only three, at the most, years older than me. He had glowing skin; not an imperfection in sight. His dark brown hair was no where near unruly. Rather, it was neat and tidy. The blue suit dad had provided him, along with the rest of the work staff fit him well and accented his lean body perfectly.

"Uh hello? Amber? I..I mean Ms. Crefeld." He stammered.

"Sorry." I shook my head. How long had I been staring at him? It must have made him feel so uncomfortable. "You can call me Amber. It's fine" I added with a friendly smile.

"Why are you out in the cold? You've got nothing on besides that light sweater." The other driver chuckled.

I looked down quickly. Had he just said I was wearing nothing? My fingers grazed the hem of my knee-length dress and tugged on it. I felt unreasonably exposed and I do have to admit that this dress was pushing even dad's standards. My eyes found Charlie's and it appeared as though he was mentally revising what he had just said.

"Oh. OH!" His eyes grew wide. "No, no! I didn't mean it like that."

I waved my hand to stop him. "I...I know what you meant." I felt a burning sensation in my cheeks. "Anyway, I was wondering if you could take me into town, to those little boutiques we passed earler?" 

"Of course." He took a quick sip of his tea before setting it back down. "Does Mr. Crefeld know?" 


"Alrighty then." He stood from his spot and felt around in his pockets for his keys. Once he found them, Charlie strolled over to the back door of the car and opened it, gesturing for me to step inside.

I sat down and started to fiddle with the clasp of my purse. Charlie got settled in, adjusted his mirror, and turned the engine on. 

"So, have you got anything special in mind you're looking for?" It was nice of him to make small talk. I had only known him for the past three days and yet he had begun to grow on me. 

" Nope. I think I'll just pick up whatever I like." I shrugged. "That's usually how it goes."

He nodded, adjusting his cap. 

"If you don't mind me asking Charlie," I peered at his face in the mirror. "How old are you?"

Charlie let out a little snicker. "Why? Do I look really old?"

"No, my guess was that you were about nineteen-ish."

"Close, I'm twenty."

"Oh, so you're only three years senior to me."

"I guess so."

I turned my head to scan the view in the window. "What made you become a driver? I mean, you're young and look promising."

"Well, being the oldest, I need to support my family."

"Isn't that your father's job?"

Charlie didn't stayed quiet. I glanced back at his face in the mirror and say that his eyes were watering. He lifted a hand off the steering wheel to wipe the tears lurking in the inner corners of his eyes. "My father's dead."

I shivered. I knew it was no longer becuase I was cold, but because Charlie's friendly voice was gone. It was replaced with a cold sound. 

"Oh Charl--"

"No, it's okay. The past is the past." He forced a smile. He turned slightly off the road, parking right next to the beginning of a long chain of small shops. "Would you like me to come with you?"

I shifted to the sids of the car nearest to the pavement. " No I think I'll be okay." I grabbed my clutch and began to open the door. 

"Wait, I'll--" Charlie began.

"It's okay. I've got it. You'll be here, right?"

"You got it." Charlie tipped the front of his hat at me while turning to face me with yet another grin. I returned the action and moved into the cold air.

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