I could see him, down to every last detail. The curls falling on to his face, the lean body, and the mesmerizing green eyes staring deeply into mine. His pink lips, pursed, seeming to hold that shape for eternity. But, I couldn't touch him.


5. Chapter 4

Harry's POV

     I just couldn't believe it. She didn't know me. I had expected in another life, another time, the love inside her would just spark up and she'd fall into my arms. Somehow, I had ended up in the cellar of the house, on one of the bar stools. I ran my fingers though my dense hair, confused and frustrated. Was this how it was going to be? I wanted to cry out and scream. She was so beautiful. Somehthing caught my eye at the edge of my vision. It was the impotent bottle from that night, displayed ever so clearly on on the rack. The night I would no longer desire to live becasue of her.


       "C'mon lovely. You look perfect!" Daisy acknoledged for about the 100th time on our way here. Pft. As if I didn't already know. I tossed my hair over my shoulder and grabbed by clutch from out of the backseat.

       "I'm coming, I'm coming." I hiked up my flapper dress a bit and made the exposing collar even lower, catching the eye of various admiring men. They tipped their hats at me, tapping off excess glowing embers from their cigarette butts. I gave a little wink and began the walk to the door of the house.

       "Tonight is going to be so great." Daisy beamed, trying to catch up with my fast pace. She was pretty, but no match against my beauty. Her dress was form fitting and true to size. It was floor length and maroon, somehting that the pastor's daughter would wear because her daddy wouldn't let her out of the house in anything other than it. Which, was exactly her sitution. I'd offered to bring my daddy's old swiss army knife and cut it to a more acceptable length. Daisy had declined, her good judgment passing any sense and dignity I had left in me. If I actually still had any.

         I turned to her. "Don't mention any of this to Harry. And when I say any, I mean anything and everything." I gave her a menacing glare. " I do love him, but a girl's just gotta have some fun once in a while." 


 Amber's POV

      I woke up with cold water being splashed on my face. I saw Mary leaning over me and my dad nearby grasping my arm trying to shake me. I screamed letting all of the air in my lungs go out. I had managed to end up on my bed in my covers. " What just happened?" I mumbled.

        "I...I don't know sweetie." My dad answered."I heard a loud thump while I was in the foyer and dropped everthing and came to your room. All I found was you on the floor, out cold."

          "I think I need to go talk a walk for some fresh air."  

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