I could see him, down to every last detail. The curls falling on to his face, the lean body, and the mesmerizing green eyes staring deeply into mine. His pink lips, pursed, seeming to hold that shape for eternity. But, I couldn't touch him.


4. Chapter 3

Amber's POV

          His face lit up the moment our eyes met. The boy rolled up his sweater sleeves and slowly strode toward me. "Babe, is it really you?" He spoke with a tight Engish accent. His hands moved from the pockets of his khakis and reached for my face. 

         I flinched, stepping back abruptly. I was frightened by whom this man was and the fact that I wasn't screaming at the top of my lungs. The boy's face crippled, obviously hurt from my actions. Slowly, he retreated his hand into his pocket, but not before I had caught a glimpse of the gold band of his left hand's ring finger. What was a married man doing in my room?

        "Don't touch me." I warned. "Who are you and how did you even get into my room?" I felt a sudden change in temperature of the room. It got extremely cold. My eyes grazed the perimeter of the room, seeing no signs of open windows. 

        "You don't know me." He mumbled, his voice barely a whisper.


        "How?...You don't remember."

        "Sir--" I began.

        "Sir?... Sir?" He exclaimed, startling me with the power in his voice. " Caroline Mathews! Look. At. Me!" I lifted my head to meet his gaze. He swallowed hard. "Is this some kind of joke? How can you not remember me? Your Harry.

         "My Harry? My Harry?" My mind was spinning. " I. Dont. Know. What. The. Hell. You're. Talking. About. I just want to know why you're still here." 

         "I'd like to know the same thing." With that, Harry turned away and vanished. 

         I couldn't take it anymore. My head hurt, unable to instigate my vocal chords to produce a scream. I felt dizzier and dizzier until I landed in a heap on the hardwood floor with a loud thump.         

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