I could see him, down to every last detail. The curls falling on to his face, the lean body, and the mesmerizing green eyes staring deeply into mine. His pink lips, pursed, seeming to hold that shape for eternity. But, I couldn't touch him.


3. Chapter 2

Harry's POV

        The moment she took her first steps into the house, I felt something. The pain, the ache of years past had immeadiately disappeared, and was replaced with a soft glow of warmth. It filled me, beginning with my heart and working its way to the edges. I knew that feeling. It was what I got when i saw her. Could it be her? Could it really be the girl who broke my heart years ago?

Amber's POV

           Charlie and Thomas scurried around, carrying our bags from the car, up the long sidewalk, and into the foyer. There were quite a few, considering that they were all mine because I had decided not to pick clothes for the moving day and made Dad wait to bring my bags. I stepped caustiously on the hardwood floor, peering around every corner as if something could just jump out at me lurking in the shadows of the old house. 

            "Amber sweetie," Mary walked around from behind to face me. "Do you want me to show you your  room?"

              "Yes, please." I answered politely. 

              Dad went off to make sure the drivers parked where they were supposed to and to show them their guest house, located in the vast space behid our house. Mary took my arm and guided me up the staircase until we were both face-to-face with a fairl large, closed door. It looked plain against the walls that surrounded it, filled with decorations and pictures I presumed were of the past owners. I grasped the gleaming doorknob and turned it slowly. Inside my new room, furniture had already been laid out, courtesy of Dad. He wanted to start everything fresh, and to move away from the depressing thoughts the old pieces carried, so he bought all new things for the entire house. The only thing from my old home was my mom's chest, containing mementos like her favorite dress, her journal, family heirlooms, and pictures.

               "So, do you like it?" Mary beamed at me. "Ed wanted to give you the biggest room next to the master bedroom. I helped him pick a few things out."

               " It's lovely. Thank you so much." For the first time in weeks, I gave a genuine smile. I really liked the room. It felt perfect.

                " Well, I think that should be basically what I need to show you. The rest of the house is yours to explore. I'll leave you to get some rest from the journey."

                She strode out of the room and left the door open a crack behind her. I kicked off my mary janes and collapsed onto the bed. Boy, I was really tired. I let my eyes droop for a while until I heard the creak of the door as if it was being opened. My eyelids snapped open and alert. I turned my head to face the door. It was open much more than a crack now. 

                  "Mary?" My throat felt dry and I could barely manage the words out; fear had engulfed me. "Mary?" I cried, much louder this time. No response. I told myself I was imagining things because of fatigue and stood to go close the door entirely. Swiveling on my heel, I made my way back to the warm comforting sheets I was in. 

                    Abruptly, I widened my eyes and opened my mouth to scream. It wasn't my imagination anymore. Sitting on my bed, looking relaxed and exceedingly calm was a boy with unruly, curly, dark brown hair. 



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