I could see him, down to every last detail. The curls falling on to his face, the lean body, and the mesmerizing green eyes staring deeply into mine. His pink lips, pursed, seeming to hold that shape for eternity. But, I couldn't touch him.


2. Chapter 1

Amber's POV

         As I stepped out of the car, I felt the windy breeze of autumn coming upon me from the nearby woods. Charlie, the driver that dad had just hired, was busily gathering my suitcases from the trunk and bringing them to the beginning of the paved pathway leading to my new home. I smoothed down my knee length polka dot sundress and pulled my light, navy cardigan around me tighter. My eyes eyed the setting: before me, a large, towering gray mansion stood in front of me, surrounded by clean-cut fresh green grass. Once the deed was in hand, Dad had informed me that we were moving to a much more spacious, 15 acre home in Mayberry, North Carolina. I was utterly shocked and refused to speak to him for the following weeks. Although I realized that his new mining businness had taken off, I felt as if he was stripping away the last bit of happiness I still had. Chicago was the only home I knew of, and not to mention, Mom's last memories were there.

        I felt my throat tighten. Mom. I missed her so much.

        Suddenly, I heard a honk from behind me. Dad's car was making its way up the hill and onto the circular driveway, parking right next to the car I had just gotten out of. "Princess!" Dad cooed, gliding out of the car looking polished and professional. "How did my little girl like the town?" I shrugged. He let out a hearty half-laugh half-sigh and pulled me closer to him. "You'll get used to it, I promise."

       While Dad gave the drivers an extra tip, I walked to the front door and eyed it cautiously. Although the house was beautiful, I felt something off about it. After looking over the description of the house Dad had given me, my understanding was that this house had been around for a long time, dating back to the early 1900's. It was abandoned in the late 30's and was not touched until Dad had ordered a company to get the house looking clean and tidy once more. It was restored to its old glamour, along with some tweaks. I reached for the doorknob, apparently a split second too late, because simultaniously, an elderly woman in her 50's  enveloped me in her embrace. I felt extremely uncomfortable.

       "Mary!" Dad's voice came from behind me. The woman, who had a name now, let go of me and turned her attention to Dad.

       "Edward! Heavens, you've certainly changed a lot since the last time I saw you. Are those white hairs?" Mary took hold of my dad and gave him a quick, motherly kiss on the cheek.

       "Um, Dad."

       "Sweetheart don't you remember great-aunt Mary?" I gave him a confused look.

      "Oh Ed," Mary interrupted, "She was only 4 years old. There's no way she could've remembered me. But look at her!" She cupped my face with her hands. "So much like her mother."

      The air around the three of us changed abruptly. A moment or two passed by before any of us spoke up again. I cleaed my throat, eager to change the topic of discussion. My lips managed a weak smile. "Dad don't you think we should head inside? I would love to see the house." 



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