Love At War

The war of 2023. America against Ireland. Harley Normand works as a war nurse for American soldiers. Niall Horan is a soldier for Ireland. The reason for war, hatred. New president for America, Lou Zandaman, is terrible. All work for either sides cannot speak to the enemy. One night, Harley goes to the fence that separates the sides and looks at the stars. There, she meets Niall. What happens when they find forbidden love... At war??


1. The other side

A war. That's what's going on. America and Ireland. Going at each other for a week now. I work as a war nurse for America. The Irish are watching us from the other side of the electric fence. Lucky for me, they would be killed if they shot a nurse. 
             I walked out into the crisp air, Spotting the enemy from afar. I walked over to the fence. I really had no problem with them, just the rest of America did. I laid down in front of the full moon, admiring the night sky.          "Hello," I heard an Irish accent come from beside me. I looked to see a young soldier, about my age, laying on the other side of the fence. He had blonde, messy hair and blue eyes. Very cute. "Hello," I answered back, smiling. "American aren't you? Southern?" he asked. "Yes," I nodded. Behind him were tents, all lit up. I could hear the men laughing inside. "I have no problem with you Americans," he whispered. "Why are you fighting?" I asked. "Dad," he spoke. "I have no problem with Irish," I stated. "Why are you nursing?" he questioned. "Mom."    We looked to each other and smiled. "I'm Niall," he lifted up his hand. "I wouldn't want to stick my hand in that and get electrocuted," he stopped his hand. "Thats fake. We just told you it was on to scare you," I laughed. "Really," he looked behind at the camp. "Oh no. Please don't tell," I begged. "I won't," he leaned in.                   "Kiss me American," he chuckled. "Its Harley," I whispered as our lips collided through the metal fence. I thought the fence was on as I felt electricity from our kiss. He pulled away as he heard a soldier from behind. "Niall! Where are you lad?!" he called. "I have to go. Meet me back here at the same time tomorrow," he whispered and ran back to camp. Oh no. What have I gotten myself into?
"Harley! Come back to camp! Don't be around those damn Irish!" my fellow nurse, Lizzy, yelled. I ran back. "What were you doing?" Liz asked. "Um," I looked back at Niall who waved and smiled to me. I smiled. "Just looking at something beautiful." 

Should I continue???


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