Love At War

The war of 2023. America against Ireland. Harley Normand works as a war nurse for American soldiers. Niall Horan is a soldier for Ireland. The reason for war, hatred. New president for America, Lou Zandaman, is terrible. All work for either sides cannot speak to the enemy. One night, Harley goes to the fence that separates the sides and looks at the stars. There, she meets Niall. What happens when they find forbidden love... At war??


2. Picket Fence

"Oh my God!" Lizzy exclaimed. I quickly covered her mouth so that her rant about me kissing an Irish turned to mumbles. "Shhh," I laughed. She looked at me confused. "He's really cute. Handsome if you will," I whispered. I uncovered her lips and she whispered, "How could you kiss an Irish boy?!" "I don't know. I went out to the fence and we started talking. Something told me to kiss him," I replied. Lizzy pulled the covers up to her chin. 
She lay in the one of the beds in our two bed cabin. The lamp made a dim lighting in the cabin making the wood a light gold. My bed was untouched as I sat up on the edge of Liz's bed. 
"Are you sure?" she sat up. "Yes I'm sure. He was so, so, huh," I sighed and fell back. "Oh no. You are NOT falling in love with a fucking Irish leprechaun," she slapped me. "Hey!" I ran and jumped into bed. "You deserve for kissin' someone who's fighting against you're country," she spat. "He doesn't hate America. He likes us. He's only fighting because his dad forced him. Just like I'm only nursing because of my mom," I snapped. "Yeah sure. He likes America. He only likes you because he thinks you look like he could sex you up. He'll probably fuckin rape you!" she exclaimed. "Oh my God!" I threw back my cover and put my pillow over my head. Whatever you say, bitch. 
*Next Morning*
I awoke to find Lizzy gone as I heard gunshots from the out side. I got up and put on my nurse outfit. I stepped out into the field and backed to the wall. I spotted a soldier and yelled, "I need to get by!" He turned and stood up. "NURSE!! HOLD FIRE!!!" he yelled REALLY loud. "Thanks!" I smiled and walked across the battlefield. From the enemy side, I spotted Niall. I smiled and he did the same. As I blush, I walked toward the nursing tent. 


Sorry so short :( 

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