Summer Fling in Paris

Alexis is vacationing in Paris, she is friends with Justin Drew Bieber and he has feelings for her. What will happen later that night that will change both of there lives forever and there relationship?


1. Taking Flight

||Alexis Clark||

I got inside the plan putting my luggage away, and taking a seat I regain my breathe. My phone bings and its from Justin and it reads "Hey lexie, you on the plane yet?" I text back that I am and I look out the window. Yes I know most people ask me can I have his phone number and all that retarted crap. I close my eyes tired from getting up so early I'd be in Paris in about 4 hours so I had time to rest.


||Justin Bieber||

I was off tour for a few months so I was going to hangout with Alexis for awhile, I liked her a lot but I think she likes me to. I mean who wouldn't want to go out with me my body and voice get the girls wild and crazy. I walked around in a famous Europe hotel and looked out my huge window which the Effiel tower was near. I was shirtless and head black jeans on and my hair was in a perfect style, I couldn't wait for her to get here I was thinking about her like crazy.




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