Summer Fling in Paris

Alexis is vacationing in Paris, she is friends with Justin Drew Bieber and he has feelings for her. What will happen later that night that will change both of there lives forever and there relationship?


3. spending time together

||Alexis Clark||

I smiled when we arrived at the hotel that I'd be staying in. It was the same hotel as Justin but a different room across the hallway. I got out the limbo and grabbed all my luggage out the car and then Justin came behind me and grabbed my waist.

||Justin Bieber||

I pulled her waist and turned her around so our faces could touch. I knew she got the hint that I really liked her because I did, she was the most perfect girl for me. I smiled and tucked her brunette hair behind her hair and then touched her face.

||Alexis Clark||

I looked at the ground shyly and got the hint. He liked him and he liked me I mean what could go wrong. He was sweet and kind and loving so nothing possibly could bring us apart. Or could it? I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled at him.

okay I'll update ASAP! So any predictions of what you think might happen?!? Find out in the next chapter! Love you bunches! Xoxox

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