Summer Fling in Paris

Alexis is vacationing in Paris, she is friends with Justin Drew Bieber and he has feelings for her. What will happen later that night that will change both of there lives forever and there relationship?


8. laterr ..


after a few kisses and hugs from Justin I agreed that I'd stay out of it . but me being a stubborn girl , I had a plan . me and Justin got dressed I decided to wear a Victoria secret push up bra and they're special underwear . when I started to put on my obey tank top I saw Justin staring at me . "err .. you look great ." he said shirtless with black jeans on . " you don't look to bad yourself ." I said winking at him . I put my washed up and ripped up jeans with black converse shoes. I went into the bathroom and put my long brown hair into a messy bun . then I felt hands slither around my waist , it's was justin of course . "Ready bae ?" he asked planting a kiss on my neck . I closed my eyes with pleasure and managed to get out "take me to Zayn's " with a sigh . "WHAT !?!" he asked turning me around so I faced him I could see the anger in his eyes . "JUSTIN take me !" he sighed and then next thing I knew we were at Zayn's mansion .


I sighed and parked the car in his driveway . I saw him coming out the door waiting for her , I really didn't want to do what I had to do but it was her life and mine on the line . I could depend on zayn and his crew because they were close friends . Zayn was just a dick sometimes , I put my hand on her thigh and smiled . "I love you justin ." she said a tear running down her cheek . "I love you too lex ." I crashed my lips onto hers , then I got out the car and opened the car door for her .


I knew Justin had some business to take care off , and Alexis was his world so I was going to take care of her . I shoved my hands into my jean pockets , I watched them makeout for a minute or two and then she walked over to me and ran into my arms . she was crying unstoppably , I picked her up and waved goodbye to Justin who was pulling out my driveway . I opened the door to my house , still carrying her and gently laid her down on the couch . I sat next to her and wiped her tears away "he'll be back , I promise ." I whispered .


I stopped crying and gave a weak smile to Zayn . "please take me to the fight ." I said begging him , "you know I'd do anything for you but I can't ." I said shaking my head . "PLEASEE !" I said making a said face . "FINE !" he said jumping off the couch and storming to the kitchen .

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