Summer Fling in Paris

Alexis is vacationing in Paris, she is friends with Justin Drew Bieber and he has feelings for her. What will happen later that night that will change both of there lives forever and there relationship?


5. a misunderstanding


We finally arrived to the party and came to a stop. The driver got out the car and opened the car for me and Justin, I was really excited to be going to this party. All kinds of singers were going to be at this exclusive party! I grabbed Justin's hand and squeeze it with excitement , we walked up the steps to the huge mansion and whispered to Justin "this should be fun!" with a grin on my face.


"yeah it will be ! "I said opening the door and walking in with her . I pulled her to the dance floor and put my hands on her waist , she let her hips sway and turned around so my hands were around her stomach. I asked if she wanted to get a drink and she said yeah . We walked over to the bar and I ordered a few drinks and she did too . After a while we were turnt up but I wasn't that bad she was though .


I giggled randomly and then told Justin that I was going to the bathroom . "I'll be back babe. " I said walking towards the bathroom . I came out and saw Justin making out with another girl , my mouth dropped in astonishment. He was such. A douche I knew I couldn't trust him then that's when I saw my old friend Zayn . He walked over to me and smiled "hey what's up ?" He asked giving me a hug . I hugged him back crying I wanted to leave this party ! "Zayn please just take me away from this !" I said sobbing . He nodded and led me to his car with ought a question I got in and we drove away.


I knew something was wrong because Lexi never cried because she was strong . "What's happend ?" I asked keeping my eyes on the rode and taking a glance at her . She looked soo sexy I wanted her but you know she was obviously upset , she replied with "I went to the bathroom for no even five minutes and Justin's kissing some hoe !" She said crying harder . In a few minutes we arrived at my house in the driveway , I took the key out the ignition and sat quietly . "Lexi it will be alright maybe he wasn't for you ." I said wiping her tears away with my finger .


I gave a light smile as Zayn touched my cheek "your right." I said with a sigh then I felt a hand placed on my thigh . I knew Zayn always liked me as a kid but I didn't know he liked me that much. He leaned in and I put my hand on his lips "look Zayn maybe...." He cut me off but meeting my lips then I couldn't resist . I kissed him back and then he moved down to my neck placing kisses softly . "Don't you think we should go in?" I asked moaning a bit.

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