Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


11. Chapter 9

My phone was going crazy, once I was with my extended family. All the girls surrounded me with a ton of questions. I held up my hands, and shouted, "Hold up!"

  The room grew quiet, and everyone stared at me. The boys were waiting behind the closed door. The girls looked intently at me. Their eyes wandered to my neck. A necklace laid there. It was perfectly settle on it. I moved my hand toward it.

  "Where'd you get that necklace, Diana?" A girl asked.

  "My friend from Britain gave it to me," I responded.

  "Oh. It's pretty!"

  My parents walked in with snacks and drinks. I removed my hand from the necklace, and I made eye contact with Louis. I nodded at him, and he looked at the boys. They walked in seconds later.

  Piercing screams filled the room. Some girls started crying, and others ran over and hugged them. I was sitting on the couch, and everyone was so sucked up into the boys, I decided to explore the academy, after I've been gone for six years.

  I wandered throughout the hallways. I saw that all of the dorm rooms, had name plates on them, with two girls names on them. I wandered through the ten year olds halls, and I landed up in the private area. I saw the doors said office, principals office, the health room, and Diana’s Bedroom. I opened the door, and saw a pink room. A full size bed was in the center, against the wall. Words were spread above the bed. It read I Should've Kissed You! ~ One Direction

  I felt a presence behind me. I turned around, and saw Louis. He smiled, when I saw it was him. I walked into my room, and sat on my bed. Louis leaned on the doorframe. I looked around, and saw two dresser, and a vanity. Louis was still smiling.

  “So...this was your childhood bedroom?” He asked.

  “No...actually this is pretty new. I shared a dorm room with my older sister, Jesica,” I responded.

  “Oh. I like the song lyric on the wall.”

 Louis walked over, and sat on the bed with me. He eyes stared into mine. I felt my cheeks start to burn, and I looked away. A hand touch my chin, and it turned my head. Louis's eyes were searing into mine. He leaned in, and his soft lips gently touched mine. I felt my inside heat up, and my heart started racing. Louis parted, and he continued to look at me. My phone buzzed, and it ruined the moment. I looked down, and saw it was Jake.

  "Please excuse me Louis. It's my old friend from England," I told him, as I got up.

  I answered the call, and brought it up to my ear.


  "Diana!" Jake exclaimed.

  "Hey! What's up?"

  "I've been wanting...well...I've been having a crush in someone for a long time..."

  "Yeah. Who is it?"


  "Jake...just spill it..."

  "It's you, Diana. I'm in love with you."

  (A/N searing means blistering. So Louis's eyes aren't bad, it's like a metaphor for his eyes found a way to my soul, or something like that. Luv ya! Lauryn801)


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