Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


8. Chapter 7

I was sitting, waiting for the people to call my flight. My mum was sitting, texting my dad. People sat down behind me, and I pulled out my phone, and slid up my screen. It led me to my camera. I flipped it so it was facing me. I checked my reflection. All of a sudden, a boy popped his head next to me. He took a picture, and I turned my head. Louis was right there.

  "Why are you here?" I asked.

  "I have to fly to America. Why aren't you in the hospital?" He responded.

  "I'm heading back home, to New York."


  "Flight 665 to New York is now boarding. Flight 665 to New York now boarding," a flight attendant said.

  I grabbed my carry on.

  "Goodbye Louis."

  My mum put her hand on my back, and we walked to the bridge. We were almost to the plane, when someone called my name. I turned my head, and my hair whipped with it. Louis stood there, and he waved something. I couldn't see what it was.

  I sat next to my mum, with an empty seat. I pulled my book, and glasses out of my carry on. I can see without my glasses, but I need them to see far away. I started where I left off in my favourite book, Divergent. A man sat down next to me. I adjusted my glasses, and got to a intense part. The pilot started speaking, and I closed my book. I buckled myself, and got a glimpse of the guy sitting next to me. He looked like Louis.

  "Louis?" I said.

  "Shhhh! Don't give away my identity!" He whispered.

  "Sorry! What are you doing on this plane?"

  "I never told you where I was going. I only said I was going to  America."

  "Wow. So you're heading to New York?"

  "Yeah. We're playing at Madison Square Garden. Do you live in New York?"

  "Yeah. I live a few blocks from Broadway.  I've grown up in a three bedroom apartment."

  "Oh. Is your dad famous?"

  "My mums a fashion designer, and my dad is the principal at my old private school. It's an all girl private school."

  "Oh. Hello mrs. Fronteau."

  "Hello Louis. What are you doing here?" My mum responded.

  "My band's on the way to New York. Paul let me sit here with you guys. Sorry I'm in a disguise."

  "It's alright."

  My mum went back to her magazine. I started feeling drowsy. I laid my head on Louis shoulder, and fell fast asleep.

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