Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


7. Chapter 6

*Italic is text messages*

  It's been weeks, since Diana has gotten beat up. She's still unconscious. I charged her phone, and when I was able to use it, I plugged in my number. Paul told me that we had to leave to go, and finish the tour, but I didn't want to leave Diana. I finished packing my suitcase, when I got a text. It was from...Diana?

  “I thought she wasn’t awake yet…” I thought.

  I unlocked my phone, and my messages popped up. I’ve gotten multiple texts from Eleanor, and my mum. I looked at Diana’s message.

  Come to the hospital ASAP...someone’s been wanting to meet you...Oh! This is Diana’s mom

  I finished zipping my suitcase, and told Paul where I was going. I hailed a taxi, and fixed my beanie. I was wearing fake glasses, and was wearing one of Harry's blazer's. I paid the taxi driver, and walked into the hospital. I gave the secretary my name, and she let me through. I walked straight through, to Diana's room. I knocked, and Diana's mum answered.

  "Yes?" She said.

  "I'm Louis. I saved Diana. Sorry for my disguise, I didn't want fans to see me," I told her.

  "It's okay. Someone's been waiting to meet the guy, who saved her."

  She led me into the room. Diana was fast asleep as she was, the last time I saw her. Her mum walked over, and lightly shook her. She fluttered her eyes open, and saw me. A smile grew on her face.

  "You're the guy, who saved my life..." She told me.

  "Yeah...I couldn't stand the people beating you, and leave you there," I responded.

  "Thank you...and thanks for the new phone..."

  "She keeps trailing off," I thought to myself.

  I stayed standing, and Diana kept chatting with me. We talked for about an half an hour, when my phone was going like crazy, buzzing in my pocket.

  "Please excuse me, while I talk this call," I told Diana, and her mum.

  I walked out into the hall, and pulled out my phone. It blinked Paul. I accepted the call.

  “Hello?” I said.

  “Where are you?” Paul demanded.

  “I’m at the hospital...like I told you.”

  “The plane is leaving in an hour! How far is the hospital?”

  “It’s on West 42 ave.”

  “I’ll be there in five.”

  Paul hung up, and I walked into the room.

  “I’m sorry, but I have to go. I’ll see you soon, Diana. Bye Mrs. Fronteau.”

  I grabbed my jacket, and walked out. I was slipping on the blazer, when my beanie fell off. A bunch of girls saw my hair, and ran over. It was right outside Diana’s room.

Diana’s POV:

  “I like that boy. He’s very kind, and he would be a good boyfriend for you,” my mum told me.

  “Yeah. There’s something different about him. He’s the type of guy, dad would li-” I was saying, until I heard screams.

  I climbed out of the bed, and looked out my doorway. A ton of girls were surrounding someone. I saw a glimpse of his face.

  “Louis…” I whispered.

  I saw him look directly into my eyes. My mum came out, and dragged me back into the room. I sat on the bed, staring at my hands. I didn’t realise that Louis’s in my favorite boy band ever! Mainly everyone loves Louis.

  “Mum,” I said after a few minutes.

  “Yes?” She responded.

  “When am I getting out of the hospital?”

  “Around eleven today,which is right now. I’ll page a nurse.”

  A nurse walked in five minutes later, and I changed into clothes my mum brought me.

  “Honey. You’re coming back home to New York. Connie’s already given me all of your clothes. Our flight leaves at noon. Let’s go.”

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