Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


5. Chapter 4

Louis POV: I have never seen someone so...beautiful in my entire life.

  We were driving down the highway, when I saw people beating up, and innocent girl.

  "Stop the car!" I yell.

  The car[s] came to a sudden stop. I quickly opened my door, and tired running towards the girl, but Paul told us to stay back. All of our bodyguards surrounded the group. They stopped. The lads, and I ran to the circle, and broke through.

  "Allen! Take these two to there car!" Niall said.

  "Rick! Take the rest to the same car!" Harry said.

  I knelt down by the girl. Her lip was busted open, her temple was split open, and she was in the position like she just got stabbed.

  "Liam...help me lift her into the car," I said to Liam.

  He nelt down by me, and lifted up her legs. I got in first, while Liam held her. Zayn, and Harry hopped in. Liam set her head on my lap, and laid her across Zayn, and Harry. She's about 5'8, and seems like a sweet girl. Her face was covered with dried blood. Liam went to the front, and grabbed wipes. He handed me the container, and I took out a wipe. I cleaned her face, and saw her beauty. He eyes were closed, and she was breathing slowly.

  "Allen! Can you take us to the local hospital please?" I asked.

  "Yes," he responded.

  He turned around, and headed towards the hospital. I laid my hand on top of her sweatshirt pocket. Something hard was in her pocket. I reached in, and pulled out a cracked phone. It was still on a call. It read Connie.

  "Hello? Diana? Diana?" She sounded panicked.

  "Hello? Is this Connie?"

  "Why yes...who is this?"

  "My name is Louis Tomlinson. We were passing you daughter getting beat up on the side of the highway. We're on the way to the hospital. I'm going to stop at the apple store, and get her phone fixed. Is that alright with you?"

  "Yes. I'll be there in about a half hour to hour."

  "Okay. Goodbye Connie"


  I carefully hung up, and told Allen to drop me off at the apple store. I walked in, and a stores clerk came over, and asked me what I needed. I handed him the phone. He came back twenty minutes later with a new phone.

  "I transferred all of the contacts and whatever you had on the other phone," he said.

  "Thank you!" I said to him.


  I started counting my money, out of my wallet.

  "No need to pay. It was on the warranty. If anything happens again, you can bring it back here or to a different apple store, you won't need to pay."

 "Thank you."

  I said goodbye to the store clerk, and headed towards the hospital. I flipped up my hood, and put on my sunglasses. It practically took me not even ten minutes to walk to the hospital. Niall was waiting in the lobby for me. We walked straight to Diana's room.

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