Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


4. Chapter 3

I sat down on my bed, and took out my homework. I was doing my algebra, when the doorbell rang. I sprinted down the stairs, and my hostess brother was standing at the door. I saw over his shoulder that it was a girl. It looked like Amanda. I went back upstairs, and packed my backpack. I started going down the stairs, and I saw Jason walk past the stairs. The girl walked by, and looked up the stairs. It was Amanda. She smiled like a snake, and continued to follow Jason. I still finished walking down the stairs, and saw Amanda, and Jason on the couch. His arm was around her, and she had her head on his shoulder. 
   “Diana!” Yelled my hostess mom, Connie.
   “Coming!” I responded.
   I walked into the kitchen, and saw Connie standing there. She didn’t look very happy. Her arms were crossed.
   “Who is that girl with Jason?” She asked.
   “Amanda Cross. She’s one of the “popular” girls,” I told her, then whispered. “She’s also my bully. 
   “What? Amanda’s your what?”
   “Amanda’s my...bully…”
   “Okay. I’ll be right back…”
   Connie walked out, and I stood in the kitchen. I heard screaming, and tears. Jason came walking in, and glared at me. A tear escaped my eye. I ran up the stairs, and locked myself in the bathroom. 
   I picked up the razor. I felt the coldness of the blade against my skin. The pain, started up. My left wrist throbbed, and the blood trickled down my hand. 
   I grabbed some tissues, and set them on the cut. I cleaned my razor, and put it back. I grabbed band aids, and put them on the cuts. I went into my room, and pack some clothes in a draw string bag. I shoved that in my backpack. My sweat shirt was sitting on my bed, and I put that on.
   "Connie! I'm going for a walk!" I yelled.
   "Okay dear! Be back for dinner!" She responded,
   I closed the front door. Amanda was sitting on the front step sobbing, with Jason sitting next to her. I walked past them without a word.
   "Thanks for breaking us up, Dian," Jason said.
   "It's Diana, Jason," I responded, and kept walking. 
   I walked to the local park, and sat there. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I didn't bother taking it out. I grabbed my algebra, and finished it. I saw a few people, that I know. I got up, and left. 
   Cars buzzed by, and I walked along the bridge. Amanda's friends drive past, and slowed down. The pulls over. I finished walking across the bridge, and was farther away from the water. 
   "Hey! Prick!" Yelled Joshua.
   "Yeah! Prick! Get over here! We've got something to talk to you about!" Screamed Jasmine.
   My phone kept buzzing. I started running. I heard a car start up, and Jasmine was in the front seat, speeding up ahead of me. They came to a stop. I grabbed my phone and saw:
   2 missed calls from Connie
   1 missed call from Jake
   4 missed calls from Jason
   1 missed call from mom
   1 missed call from dad
   5 missed calls from sissy
   I started dialling Connie's number. 
   "Hello? Diana!?!" She sounded panicked.
   "I'm by the bridge, by our house! And hurry!" I responded.
   "Keep me on the phone! I'll be right there!" 
   I slipped my phone into my sweatshirt. Joshua came running at me with a bat. Jasmine came at me with her body. Everyone else circled around me. I heard cars fly by.
   They started beating me, and all of a sudden...I heard a few car doors slam shut. They froze, and I saw men in black walk up to all of them. I was close to being unconscious. The men surrounded me, Joshua, and Jasmine. 
   Five boys walked through. They looked filmier, but I guess it's just my head playing games with me. 
   "Allen, take the two to there car," an Irish accent said.
   "Rick! Have the others escorted to the same car, and warn them not to beat up this innocent girl, ever again!" A British accent said.

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