Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


24. Chapter 20 - Epilogue

*Skips five years*

Louis’s POV: It’s been five years since we’ve lost Diana. Everyone was hating on her because we got married. They were saying that she was going to break up the band, even though us getting married didn’t. Diana’s death did. The directioners don’t know why Diana killed herself because of me, but it was them.

  “Daddy...are we going to go see mummy’s grave?” Alana asked.

  “Yeah...can you go get Alayne, and Alhana, please?” I responded.

  “Yeah daddy…”

  Alana walked up the stairs, and got the girls. They eyes were all red, and puffy. Today was the day she took...the pills… It was exactly December 13, 2017. The girls have been taking Diana’s death very hard for the past five years. They’ve been home schooled, and the only friends they have are their cousins. All of the lads are married, and have their own kids.

  “Girls...you ready?”

  They all nodded. They were holding their bags full of things for Diana’s grave. We drove there, and I clutched the flowers. Her grave was engraved with her loving words, and all of the flowers we put their for her.

  “Girl’s...go ahead.”

  They slightly smiled, and started setting up Christmas decorations, and I could feel her smiling from my heart.

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