Diana is a girl from America. She suffers from bullying, and she keeps it a secret for almost four years. It's basically her entire high school life


3. Chapter 2

The bullying stopped for two weeks, then it started up again. Jake was always at my side, and he made Amanda, and her "friends" stop. The principal usually heard everything, since he has cameras in every hallway, classroom, the library, and the cafeteria. 
   "Your hair...is the most ugliest creature I've ever seen!" Amanda told me. 
   I had my hair in a bun, and had a headband to push back all of my baby hairs. Amanda hit my books to the ground, and took my glasses off, when I went to pick them up.
   "Hey! Amanda!" Jake yelled.
   His friends were behind him. Amanda dropped everything, and became the sweet innocent girl, she use to be. 
   "Hi Jake," she responded, as she twirled a piece of her hair.
   "I see your hurting Diana again."
   Jake has become my big brother, and my best friend. 
   "N-n-n-no I'm not..."
   He turned and looked at his friends. Two of them came by me, and helped me pick up my things. The rest stood behind Amanda.
   "Now what did the principal tell you about bully?"
   "Not to..." 
   "What did he say if you kept doing it?"
   "That I would have to stay another year in high school..."
   "Now stay away from Diana...or else I'll tell the principal..."
   Amanda ran off, and Jake came over to me.
   "Thank you, Jake," I said.
   "No problem."
   I could see in his eyes, that he was calm, and nervous. I didn't want to ask him, so I kept my head low.
   "Hey...are you okay?" 
   "Yeah...I've just been keeping a secret. Can you come over to my house after school, and I tell you there."
   "Yeah, yeah."

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